A Perfect Playroom Storage Ideas for Kids Room

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If you are fed up of falling over toys and cleaning the clutter in your child's playroom, then you need to think of storage ideas that you can use for your kid's room.

A designated playroom is a great way to give your child plenty of room to play, but playroom storage that appears attractive and still allows quick access to toys can be hard to find. The best playroom storage options offer approaches to organize toys so your child can certainly find what he is looking for without taking out a million other toys. Ideal playroom storage also makes it easy for your child to return toys for their proper place so the playroom doesn’t have to hide behind closed doors! There are a lot of creative ideas for functional and versatile playroom storage. Many playroom storage ideas will also be creative decorating ideas! Here are a few kids playroom storage ideas:

A Perfect Playroom Storage Ideas for Kids Room

A Perfect Playroom Storage Ideas for Kids Room

Toy Boxes

A typical toy box is big in dimensions made up of wood, it has hinged lid, and you can place type of toys inside it. With the toy box you can add more convenience as you can be doubled as bench seating too although its main purpose is not that.

Window Space Storage

If your child’s playroom has big windows with many different light streaming in, you’ll be able to use the space around the windows as space for storage. If you are good at woodworking, you’ll be able to create shelves yourself or get the neighborhood carpenter to make shelves for you personally. Keep those toys which are used most often on the lower shelves and keep things that your kids hardly use on the shelves that are higher. Paint the wall on which the shelves are attached in colorful colors and extend these colors towards the shelves as well. You can also match the theme that you’re using to decorate the room.

Loft Bed With Storage

In case your child’s bedroom doubles up as his playroom as well, then you need to create storage area in this manner that there is enough space for the child to play around. A great idea could be to get a loft bed designed for your child with some height and also to use the space underneath like a walk-in storage space to store his toys and books. If you’re worried about your kid locking himself within the storage space, then opt for childproof locks. For those who have a lot of space around the bed, you’ll be able to also create a small sitting room outside the storage space to give it the feel of a tiny house with a sitting area.

Wall Cabinet

If you are designing your child’s playroom from scratch, then a good idea that you can used is to create a full length wall cabinet that disappears in to the wall at a casual glance. Decorate the whole wall with a huge mural, that further hides the existence of a wall cabinet. It is just to people who are aware of the presence of a cabinet, that the storage space is going to be visible. Let your imagination run wild with the themes that you choose to paint your cabinet with. From giant footballs, to scenes using their favorite movies, to underwater scenes, you are able to go absolutely crazy.

Lockers and Cupboards

Another useful addition in almost any playroom is of lockers and front opening cupboards. Avoid using wooden box lids which are heavy as it can hurt your child if dropped and with utilization of front opening top boxes and lockers this problem can be resolved.

Playroom Storage Bins and Buckets

Playroom Storage Bins and Buckets

Wicker Baskets

Looking for a slightly more durable idea that is also more affordable? Then try and opt for wicker baskets for any good storage system. You can buy wicker baskets in a number of sizes and place them along the wall and allow your child to dump in his toys in to the basket. Color them in a number of primary and secondary colors to help make the storage area more colorful. In case your child’s playroom is decorated inside a specific theme, then you can choose to look for designs that match the theme. For example, if the room is decorated inside a Harry Potter theme, use cauldrons instead of wicker baskets.

Storage Bins and Buckets

Try to look for plain transparent storage buckets having a wooden frame that can hold them. You should use store bin units to keep toys but it is ideal for those kids which are interested in arts and crafts. Make use of many colorful storage bins within the unit for bringing character and color towards the playroom also a good option for storage and functionality.

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