New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2013

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For many people, watching TV, party outside, or counting down to midnight are the only New Year eve party ideas.

Although this can be fun, it can also get tiresome and monotonous year after year. If you’re looking for some new ways to ring in the New Year, check out the following suggestions.

Ideas galore

Host a sleepover party

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2013

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2013

Embrace your inner child this in this New Year’s Eve celebration ideas 2013 by inviting friends and family over for a lazy party. The adults will love the relaxing and carefree change of pace, while the kids will get a kick out of seeing all the grownups in sleepwear.

Serve comfort food such as pizza, popcorn, hot chocolate and s’mores. Award prizes to the guests wearing the coziest, the cutest, and the most unique sleepwear. Play party games, such as Twister or charades, and have decks of cards and board games scattered around the room. As the night begins to wind down, pop a classic film into the VCR and cuddle up to watch it. Best of all, when the dress code is pajamas, there’s no need to spend money on something glitzy.

Throw a scrapbooking party

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby and fun means of documenting holidays, events and rites of passage in New Year eve celebration ideas 2013.

Start by purchasing some basic supplies from a craft or photo store in advance. On New Year’s Eve, gather family and friends to look at photo albums from the past year and brainstorm scrapbooking ideas. Everyone, even kids, can work on a time capsule page. Things to contribute can include journal entries, artwork, ‘my favorites’ lists, reminders and, of course, photos. Have lots of snacks around to keep everyone’s energy up.

Leave your bad habits behind

Ring in the New Year eve celebration ideas 2013 by hosting a symbolic cleansing ritual. Hand out slips of paper and pens to your guests and invite them to write down something from the last year that they would like to be free of (a bad habit, an upsetting memory, etc.).

One by one, ask each participant to step forward, rip the paper into tiny pieces and throw it into the fireplace or garbage can. This can be amazingly cathartic. After everyone has had a turn, ask each guest to write down a wish or goal for the upcoming year, and seal it in an envelope until next New Year’s Eve.

Gather friends for brunch

If you want to avoid another late night New Year’s Eve celebration ideas 2013 but you still wish to mark the occasion, why not host a mid-day brunch instead? Serve easy-to-make dishes or make it a pot-luck affair. Substitute traditional alcoholic drinks for colorful mock tails. Talk, relax, share resolutions, and exchange small New Year’s gifts. This is a nice way to connect with your loved ones in a

New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Party

casual, fun environment.

Cruise holiday

Enjoy your New Year eve celebrations ideas 2013 at a good holiday destination or you can make a classy New Year on a cruise.

Dance ceremony

Another idea of New Year eve celebration ideas 2013 is to participate in the tricks. People dance on streets wearing colorful clothes and masks.

Home party

Families hosting the New Year eve celebration party can arrange some good games. Games usually played on New Year are musical chair; play board games, ring the article and mask dances. This can be followed by a lavish dinner party. Singing the New Year songs after dinner would be a good idea. When clock strikes 12 at night, gather all the partiers to sing songs and dance.

Take pictures or make a video of whatever you do on this new year eve celebration ideas 2013. Make an album of these pictures and show them to your relatives and friends.

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