Valentines Banquet Games for adults

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Have fun this Valentine's Day with our collection of Valentine's Day games and activities

Preparing a banquet to celebrate Valentine’s Day involves more than just deciding on decorations and food. You will also need to provide your invitees with entertainment, and something way to do that is through games.

These games are best took part in groups of couples to bring out their essence. As you proceed, you’ll notice that most of these possess a theme of bonding running through them, then when you’re in these games with the significant other on that Valentines day banquet, it should be a whole lot of fun for you personally.

Valentines Banquet Games for adults

Valentines Banquet Games for adults

Candy Wraps

Let’s start out with a fun banquet game for adults for that season. Have all the couples stand against a table that has bowls of candy wrapped in it. Make each of them wear mittens. In the blow of the whistle, each couple needs to work through the bowl of candies, unwrap them and only eat them or transfer outdoors candy in an empty jar kept on the side. The mittens will make it so, so difficult to get through the batch and there is bound to be a lot of nervous tension running through. The couple that manages to finish the whole batch, wins. Or the couple which has worked through the most candy wraps in the blow of the whistle, wins.

Chocolate Surprise

Valentine’s Day is becoming nearly synonymous with chocolate. Celebrate this by playing Chocolate Surprise. Before the banquet, melt some plain milk or dark chocolate. Fill a clear ice tray with the melted chocolate, leaving two cubes empty. Convey a clove of garlic inside each cube. Then, cover the garlic using the melted chocolate. Place the filled ice tray within the freezer and let the chocolate harden again. To play, hand each of the players a bit of chocolate. Tell them that two of the chocolates possess a surprise inside them and that people who receive the surprise chocolates need to refrain from showing their surprise. Around the count of three, everyone places the chocolates in their mouths.

Shoe Story

Ask all the women to accept shoe from their right leg and place it in the center of the area. The men have to be out of the area when this is done. The ladies then spend time at the chairs while the males are brought in. At the blow of the whistle the men have to go into the center and look for the shoe of their female partners. The one who does it first, wins.

Blind Feeds

Blindfold the ladies and give them a bowl of pudding having a spoon. On the other end of the room, get all the male partners to sit on chairs having a cloth over their shirts. In the blow of the whistle, the men need to direct their partner over for them and then give them directions to give them the pudding using the spoons, while the women are still blindfolded. The couple that manages to finish all the pudding, wins. This can get really messy and noisy, but it is one of the best ideas.

Describe Me

Play this game to help break the ice among people who have never met before. Because the players enter the banquet space, tape a piece of paper to each of their backs and give them a pen. Tell them introducing themselves to other players. After two players have talked for around a minute, they sum up their first impression of their counterparts by writing a compliment with that person’s paper. The players continue doing this until everyone has met. Gather the players around the banquet table and have them read their messages aloud. After your guests have had a good laugh and a confidence boost, they’ll feel much more comfortable taking part in your other planned activities.

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