7 Great Halloween Party Games for Kids

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Kids Halloween Games are the best part of their Halloween party. These are fun games that are great for kids. Some are good for all ages and some for kids a little older.

Halloween is full of spooky, scary fun. Kids love the chance to wear a costume they have chosen and devour candies and treats. It doesn’t have to be all trick-or-treat, a good Halloween party could possibly be the star of the holiday. Get kids moving and achieving fun with a variety of great Halloween party games.

Monster Freeze Dance

halloween games for kids

halloween games for kids

Fun way for the kids to stay active and also to teach them listening skills. Placed on the Monster Mash and have the kids dance around before the music turns off. Once off, kids must stand as they are until the music goes back on. Entertaining along with a little less hectic than musical chairs.

Spooky Soup

Use some construction paper and eliminate various shapes. Try some bats, lizards, monster fingers and any other creepy shapes to get in the soup. Make two sets, one out of orange and the other in black. Put the shapes on a table, make two teams and give each kid a straw. Place a plastic cauldron behind the shapes and provide each child 5-10 seconds to make use of the straws to suck in the shapes and drop them to their team cauldron. The team that gets all of their shapes into their pot first is the winner.

Bobbing for apples

Fill a tub with water and apples. Have players alternate putting their hands behind their back and seeking to catch an apple using their mouth. Give a time limit for every turn, and reward the person who picks up an apple fastest having a prize.

Witch hunt

Draw a witch on a piece of paper as a template, after which cut more witches from black construction paper. Hide all of them over the party site. Have guests go solo or in pairs to find the witches. Whoever finds probably the most by the end of the game wins.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Make a Mummy

Kids will have a great time dressing up as a mummy. Be sure you have plenty of toilet paper and split the kids into two or three teams. Give each team a good supply of toilet paper and allow them to draw straws, roll dice or play rock-paper-scissors to determine who will be the mummy. If you have an abundance of kids, assign each one a limb to wrap. The Halloween game is won through the team who covers their mummy the very best before the time is up!

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Have kids roam the yard or even the house on the hunt for skeleton parts (cut from paper, or plastic ones purchased in a toy store or craft shop). For an additional challenge, see if the party guests can reassemble their bony treasures right into a complete skeleton set.

Dress the Mummy

Split the party guests into groups no smaller than two and give them a substantial supply of toilet paper. The object from the game is to try and turn among the group into a mummy by wrapping them entirely within the loo roll! Prizes visit the quickest or the best attempt.

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