Top 5 Fun Bible Games for Kids

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Bible Games for Kids also Bible Game for Adults is a fun matching game, the goal of the bible game for kids that are fun.

Children bible games for your Sunday school or youth group? Here are some fun games and activities they’re sure to enjoy. These free bible games will bring life to your group in ways that will excite and encourage them. So check out these games and ideas then incorporate these fun games into your next class or youth gathering. Children bible games are a great way to review and evaluate retention on a lesson. This game targets Old & New Testament Divisions in a fun and challenging way. It requires speed and teamwork yet allows plenty of fun. This game is an excellent way to challenge your youth to gain a better understanding of the bible by knowing the bible divisions.

This is one of the bible games for kids that can be played indoors or outdoors. Kids close their eyes then an adult leader taps one kid on the back who leaves the room or hides away from the other kids if playing outside. The kids open their eyes and the leader picks one child to say who’s missing. Talk about the lost sheep parable and how Jesus is always on the lookout for the lost and wants to gently bring them back to Him. Even if we stray, Jesus always know where we are at.

Fun Bible Games for Kids

Fun Bible Games for Kids

Bible Land Adventure Game Looking for a game for your 3- to 6-year-olds that’s more “nutritious” than Candy Land but just as simple to play? This easy-to-learn game introduces youngsters to exciting Bible stories as players move around the brightly colored board, landing on pictures of biblical events. The object of this game is to be the first player to move from Creation (Start) to Heaven (Finish). Includes 4 colored playing pieces, one 6-sided die, playing board, and an instruction and story sheet.

Have each child draw a picture of Jesus as he calms the seas. After they are done, have each child tell about his picture. This is one of the bible games for kids where you can talk about how Jesus is the calm in the lives and how we can turn to Him when we have storms in the lives and He will calm us and give us peace.

One child from each team lays on the ground. The other teammates come over to him, help him up and walk him to the other side of the room. Discuss how good samaritans help others in need, and discuss the parable of the good samaritan. This is one of the bible games for kids where you can talk about how Jesus helps us when we are in need and wants us to encourage and help others in need the way He does.

This is one of the fun biblical play ideas played in teams. Divide the kids into 2 equal groups. Give a box to each group. Each group has to fit into their box and stand in the box for 2 to 3 minutes without touching each other. Once the time is up, discuss how difficult it is to stand by yourself when you follow Jesus and how the support of friends and family help strengthen you and make the journey a little easier.

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