Natural Baby Skin Care Tips : A Much Better Way

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Baby skin care is extremely important as your baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Babies skin are very delicate, soft and fragile even a slight mistake can cause rashes, cradle cap etc leaving the infant irritated. Babies are prone to skin irritation in first couple of months. Being a mother we all take proper precautions but nonetheless sometimes baby products cause irritations. Continually be very cautious while deciding on the baby products. Moreover a small precautions while bathing baby, a great after bath skin care can minimize the risk of skin irritation. Given below are few guidelines to help you:

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips

Natural Baby Skin Care Tips


Tips For Baby Skin Care:

Massage Massage promotes physical bonding between mother and child. Babies enjoy massage because it has a soothing effect on their skin. Massage stimulates hormones, boosts immunity and contains a calming effect on the baby. Baby sleeps better following a soothing massage. Regular massage keeps baby’s skin soft and supple.

Provide a gentle but firm massage for your baby half an hour before bath. Make an eye contact with the baby and keep talking or singing softly while giving her/him a massage. It will help to maintain communication between mother and baby. Make use of a good quality baby oil or olive oil for massage. Do not heat the oil, have a few drops of oil in your palm and warm it with you.

Use Skin Care Products Sparingly

Baby skin care goods are especially made to suit baby’s sensitive skin, however they can cause dryness, irritation and chafing if used liberally. Be frugal while using baby powder or skincare lotions in the first month.

It may cause eczema, rashes and allergy symptoms as the baby’s immune system is still weak in the beginning. Over use of skin care products in infancy may become the cause of skin allergies within the later stages.

Wash Baby’s Clothes before Use

Stay away from brand new clothes for baby because the yarn can cause rashes and eczema. Always wash new clothing before use to soften the material and to remove fresh odor of dyes from clothes which might cause the baby breathing problems. Rinse the garments thoroughly to remove every detergent particle.

Wash Baby’s Clothes Separately

Wash baby’s soiled and wet clothes separately from family laundry. Sterilize them by rinsing them within an antiseptic solution to disinfect them once per week.

Avoid Bathing the Baby too Frequently

Our recommendation is that babies should not be bathed frequently. Too much exposure to water can dry natural moisture of the skin and cause irritation and skin peeling. Throughout the first month bathing the infant two times a week is sufficient. Provide the baby a sponge bath among and wash her/his diaper area having a gentle cleanser daily.

Baby Skin Care

Baby Skin Care

Taking Care of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common occurrence inside a new born. It happens due to allergic attack of a soiled diaper or maybe the skin is not properly dried before utilizing a fresh diaper. Diaper rash can be quite painful for the baby. You are able to treat a diaper rash with various methods.

What to use for Baby Skincare:

When using shampoos, it is best to use shampoos with vitamins A, C, and E extracts and phenoxyethanol; many shampoos contain triethanolamine or diethanolamine which communicate with nitrates. These are harmful if they penetrate the baby’s skin.

The lotions that you can use for the baby need to contain soothing ingredients for example aloe vera, chamomile, arnica, marigold, and calendula. Avoid artificial colors and fragrances, and employ products with gentle ingredients.

The infant will do well with a gentle oil massage which will strengthen the muscles and provide a fine skin tone. You can leave the infant in a well lit room with sunlight streaming in before you decide to bathe the baby with tepid to warm water. Wash the underarms, neck, and also the genital area well. Wipe the diaper area having a damp cloth and then a dry cloth any time you change his/her diapers. Leave the infant without diapers for some time everyday to allow air circulate.

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