Valentine’s Day Celebration Party Ideas 2016

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Valentine's Day Decoration, Management, Music Play and valentines Party Games are the best ideas when you are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day Party together with your love.

Valentine’s Day Party is a great thing for couples as well as singles because this is a great chance for couples to have some fun with each other and singles to find their partners. So if you want to throw a party to your soul mate or friends on this special day then we have some great ideas for you. You may get Valentine’s Day Party Ideas from here and make your Valentines Day Party 2016 memorable and happening.

Party Themes

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

If you are going to arrange a party on this day and confused about theme of the party then do not worry we are here for you. Here we have given a large collection of Valentine’s Day Party Themes and Valentine’s Day Party Decoration Ideas.
After deciding theme, you also need to decide games that you and your friends will play during celebration. You may also get the latest and interesting Valentine’s Day Party Games from here. So make your partner and friends feel special on this very special day and have a great fun.

Party Invitation

Valentine’s is a most romantic day of the year so you should celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm. Do not get worry about interesting Valentine’s Day Party ideas, Valentines Day Party Invitation 2016 and Valentine’s Day Party Theme because we are providing you all the things.

Menu Ideas

For fun you may have all of the food items pink or any other color for that matter based on the theme for the party. You may have cocktails, sandwiches and other food items in color of your theme. But make sure there is no compromise on the taste. The menu is decorated with tiny red hearts.

Party Decoration

If you are planning a unique Valentine’s Day evening for you personally as well as your honey, all that’s necessary are a handful of candles along with a bouquet of red roses to create the atmosphere. But when you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day bash for the family and friends, you will want to spice some misconception in different ways. Angels, cupids, red hearts are a good decoration with this party.Vintage-style Valentine’s Day cards give a classic touch for your Valentine’s Day party decor. Stand them up across a fire mantle or in your dining room table, or tape these to the restroom mirror. Not to mention, no campy Valentine’s Day party is done with no statuette or cardboard cutout of the frolicking, arrow-toting Cupid. Hang hearts and balloons in the ceiling. Use white and red balloons. You may also littler your rooms using the balloon. Tie some nice ribbon inside your guest chairs. You can look at creating a Valentine’s Day tree. Use small Christmas tree decorated with white and pink lights, heart along with other pink Valentine ornaments, pink artificial flowers.

Valentine's Day Party Games

Valentine’s Day Party Games

Play Romantic Music

If your Valentine’s Day party is primarily for adults, you can set up an area in your room to use as a dance floor. Pick classic love songs to play to get everyone in the mood for love. Make sure to use a mixture of upbeat and slow songs to keep the party going strong. You can purchase CDs to play on a CD player, or use a speaker dock with your cell phone or MP3 player to keep the music going all night long.

Party Games

Cupid: Play cupid this valentine’s day by testing the compatibility of the couples. Prepare some unexpected questions for your friends who are couples.

Cross-linking: It is a dance in which you exchange partners while dancing. It is a nice valentine’s day game idea to know how possessive your partner is. You can observe your partner’s reaction when he/she is dancing with others.

Revelation: In this game, you reveal facts which are not know to anyone but you. This is a nice and fun filled valentine’s day party game.

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