Three Christmas Party Games You Need to Try

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Does the entertainment in your Christmas party involve nothing more than eating and swapping Secret Santa gifts? Are you hosting again this year and scared for your life that your guests will leave with dull memories of “just another Christmas party”? Everyone knows that the easiest way to spice things up is by putting some fun party games on the schedule, but you’re probably tired of the same old games too. Here are some games that you might not have tried yet, which are sure to be a hit at your next Christmas party:

Christmas Party Games for Adults

Christmas Party Games for Adults

1. Bite Santa’s Bag

There’s probably nothing more hilarious than watching friends attempt to pick something up with their teeth and falling over (without getting hurt). Bite Santa’s Bag helps you witness this right at your party. To play Bite Santa’s Bag, prepare a paper bag decorated with a Christmas theme. That’s really all you need for this game. To start, have everyone form a circle and tie their hands behind their backs. Place the paper bag in the middle of the circle and have everyone take turns picking it up with nothing but their teeth. After each round, cut an inch or two off of the top of the bag. Anyone who falls over or fails to pick up the bag is out of the game, and the last one to be able to pick up the bag wins the prize. For some added difficulty, fill the bag with Christmas goodies to make it heavier and harder to pick up. The folks over at Loaded have made this funny tutorial on how to play the game:

2. Quick Alert Bingo

You probably think that bingo is the least fun game that you could ever play at any Christmas party, but this centuries-old game has recently picked up a following. Free Bingo Hunter has shown that the advent of the internet has made it so that hundreds of online bingo sites and portals have now been established, creating a $557 million market in the UK alone. This versatile game can lend itself well to your party, provided that your guests all know each other well enough. To play Quick Alert Bingo, print out blank bingo card templates for each of your guests, and once they arrive at the party, have them fill out the cards with things they think will happen. For example, “Mark is going to arrive an hour late.” Or “Gerald will be teased for being bald.” Or “Jan will eat half of the Christmas pudding without a second thought.” As the night goes on and these predictions come true, have the guests mark them off of the cards. Once a player completes a bingo pattern (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical), they win the game.

3. Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em

Here’s a fun idea from Party Game Central: when the guests arrive, choose one person at random and give them a clothespin. They need to be able to clip the clothespin onto another guest’s clothes without the latter finding out. They wait for a few minutes, and then yell, “Tag ‘em and bag ‘em!” The other guests must then try to find the clothespin as they count down from 5. If the person who was “tagged” with the clothespin fails to recover it, he or she must then reach into the “Bag of Fate” – a bag filled with funny dares or embarrassing stunts. If the person who was tagged manages to find the clothespin before the countdown is through, the tagger must reach into the Bag of Fate. This game can be played all throughout your party, and it keeps everyone on their toes!

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