How to Plan a Romantic Valentines Day Candle Light Dinner

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This article is perfect for someone planning a romantic candle light dinner for valentine day. We have a list to do to make valentine day special candle light dinner. Lets have a look.

Candle light is the most amazing and awesome experience during valentines day. Valentines day is love for Everyone. It is your chance to express your love to your special love ones, it is not just only with your girlfriend or boyfriend,not just for husband and wife, it applies to everyone whom to love and to be loved.

Valentines Day is a great time for couples to spend some time together, strengthen the bond between them and have a great time rekindling the romance between them. While there are many ways that a couple can celebrate Valentines Day like giving expensive Valentines Day gifts, flowers , chocolates or going on vacations, the most romantic way of celebrating Valentines Day with your partner is to have a romantic Valentines Day candle light dinner. Romantic Valentines Day Candle light dinners are not only a very romantic way of spending Valentines Day with your partner, but they also are a great way to ensure that you do not have to shell out a lot of money.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner Ideas

Romantic Candlelight Dinner Ideas

Romantic Candlelight Dinner Ideas

Planning a Romantic Dinner

Plan a romantic dinner featuring delicacies that you don’t eat everyday. For an appetizer, snack on specialty cheeses, fresh French bread and olives. Then feast on a rich main course like wine-balsamic glazed steak, and finish your meal off with velvety tiramisu. Plan and cook your meal with your special sweetheart for more quality time together, or do it all yourself and have it waiting for them. And if cooking isn’t your thing, order takeout from your favorite restaurant and have a romantic picnic on a blanket on the floor, feeding each other bites of your delivered dishes.

Location and setting

If you plan on having a romantic candle light dinner, you need to choose your location well. You can either have the dinner at home or at a restaurant. If you plan on having the candlelight dinner at a restaurant, you would need to choose a quiet and romantic restaurant,. If you plan on having the dinner at home, you would need to decorate the place with hearts, candles and other Valentines Day decorations.

Food and Wine

This is a very important part of a romantic candlelight dinner, you should choose food that has a romantic touch to it. If you are a good cook, you can cook the food for your romantic candlelight dinner or you can order in food from your favourite restaurant. You can decorate the dinner table a red or white tablecloth, place flowers on the table and have a menu card placed on the table. You can also choose a fine wine for the occasion along with a great dessert like a rich dark chocolate cake.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine


If you want to have a truly romantic candlelight dinner for you and your partner, ensure that it comes as a surprise to your partner. This would not only take your partner by surprise but also set the mood for a very romantic evening.


Make a playlist to play in the background of your romantic evening. You could choose a list of classic love songs.You can set playlist of soft jazz or classical music. Whatever you decide, it is about the two of you spending time together so just play the music softly in the background of your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

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