Fun Luau Party Ideas for Adults

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Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular picks for birthday parties.

Luau party is one of the most popular themes, which people opt for. It goes well with any special occasion be it someone’s birthday, anniversaries, holiday, etc. Luau parties are colorful and fun. Are they all different from other parties are that they are lot more vibrant due to the use of colorful flowers, fresh fruits, colorful attires, island music and dancing and a feast that traditionally consists of roast pork, rice, fresh fruit, sweet potatoes and of course those famous Hawaiian punches. Read onto know some interesting luau party planning ideas.

Luau Party Planning Ideas

Fun Luau Party Ideas for Adults

Fun Luau Party Ideas for Adults

  • Luau parties are usually organized at outdoor spaces. A backyard or a poolside works perfect for a luau party because it gives the feel that you are in a tropical place. However, indoors will also be great in winters.
  • Invitations come in a close second place for a party. They set the mood for that party and are windows to the kind of party you are throwing. For any luau party, let creativity flow with the cards. Have clip arts and pictures of hula girls dressed in tropical cloths.
  • Make certain to tell the invitees what attire they need to come in. Women can go for colorful print skirts with a white blouse or halter top, teamed with sandals or thongs and flowers in hair, to give a complete look and feel of the theme. On the other hand, guys can opt for Hawaiian shirt with shorts, or colorful swim trunks having a tank top. Add sunglasses and straw hat for finishing touches.
  • Decorations for any luau parties goes the creative way. You can use small sea shells, flower bouquets, balloons with luau designs, old straw hats, printed paper placemats, fruits with colorful flowers, etc. The options are endless to make the party place in sync with the party theme.
  • Food is the integral part of any party. While roasted pigs take the hot seat in the food items, drinks such as Margaritas, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, Bahama Mamas, and Frozen Daiquiris are the ones you need to opt for. Serve everything in nicely decorated plates, to enrich its value.

Luau Party Games

No kids’ luau party is finished without some fun games! Here are some ideas to keep your little party guests busy.

Limbo: Make use of a broom handle or find a bamboo stick at your local party supply store. Elect a couple to hold the stick high enough so that everyone can pass under it easily the first time. Be sure to set the mood with a few playful tropical island tunes. After each person has gone under the stick once, lower it and then lower it until the last person causes it to be!

Hula Hoop Contest:, Pass out hula hoops to each guest and play an exotic song to hula to. Whoever lasts a long wins! Add to the challenge by looking into making players, hula hoop, inside a grass skirt or fruit hat!
Costume Contest: Have guests come in their best tropical attire. Give out prizes for most creative, best dressed, silliest costume etc.

Beachball , Toss:, This is a great game for younger kids. Get medium sized beach balls and partner up each player. Have them toss the beach ball back and forth, each time taking one step away from their partner. The last pair to successfully catch the furthest apart wins!

Ocean inside a Bottle: Give each child an infant food jar, or any other small jar or clear water bottle. They then add small sea beads, glitter, water, baby oil and blue food coloring to produce their own ocean! Make sure to hot glue the tops shut there are no ocean spills.

Musical Beach Towels: Instead of musical chairs, the kids hop from towel to towel as the music plays. Whoever is not standing on a towel when the music stops is out. As each child is eliminated, they take the towel with them until there are two little Hawaiians, one towel.

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