Fun Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas For kids

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Hawaiian Luau party plan, including party supplies for kids and adults, decorating ideas and games.

Fun Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas For kidsFun Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas For kids

Fun Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas For kids

A luau makes a great party theme. It’s no real surprise that a Hawaiian Luau is one of the most widely used picks for birthday parties. There’s a great selection of party supplies available, you are able to hold it at any location (indoor or out), which is fun for all age groups. We’ve compiled good kids luau party ideas so your child can have an awesome birthday party. Bust out the Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, and prepare to limbo.

A tropical paradise in your backyard, with this Hawaiian Luau party plan, including luau party supplies and decorating ideas, unique party games and tropical crafts and activities. Young girls will love a Hula Girl Party! In case your hosting your party poolside, be take a look at ourpool party guide with fun party games, crafts and ideas.

Luau Party Ideas

Luau Decorations

Island music wafting in the party will let guests know they’re in the right place! Create a few rustic signs pointing the way in which. “Luau this way and “Hawaii: (birthday kid’s age) miles ahead!” are wonderful directional displays.Create a lush tropical atmosphere with lots of balloons and streamers. Use green streamers at ceiling height to obtain a jungle-look, or use bright blue balloons for any cloudless blue sky. Yellow, orange, and red will mimic a blazing sun. For any fun sunset effect, group citrus-hued balloons close to the floor with rays of matching streamers streaking over the sky from the ball of fireside.

Icebreaker Activities

Hula Dance

Probably the most notable things when it comes to luau party ideas is obviously the hula dance. This occurs to work very well as a luau party icebreaker, designed for kids who have no inhibitions with regards to dancing. This is such a fun dance and thus easy to do, and therefore it’ll get kids interested and them entertained for awhile.

Party Fun

When individuals visit Hawaii they typically visit an actual luau. If you want to create your own immediately in your backyard, then you have a great and very easy luau party icebreaker. This is the whole theme from the party after all so why not turn it into a real activity as well.

Luau Party Foods

Tropical Fruit Salad

Serve this cool treat within the hull of a watermelon!Make use of a melon-baller to cue up small round balls of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Add grapes, cut pineapple, and citrus to have an exciting display with a tropical flair.

Meat Kabobs

Marinade stew beef overnight in pineapple juice. Layer on skewers with pineapple, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Grill over charcoal for amazing flavor.

Big Kahuna

All set to go all out? Ask you butcher to butterfly a pig for you personally, and slow cook it over charcoal for many hours prior to the party. Serve with lots of buns, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and hot sauce! This can be a popular luau party ideas with parents, so plan to allow them to stay for the bar-be-que.

Luau Party Games

Ocean Scene

Construction paper, eliminate fish, wiggly eyes, paint and sand and Elmer’s glue is you need for this cute party craft. Kids paint the “ocean” glue on the fish, glue on the wiggly eye and drizzle sand around the wet paint. Add cut-outs of seaweed for more detail.

Seashell Mosaic

Seashell Mosaic Paper plates, plaster of paris, ribbon, shells plus some glitter paint is all you’ll need for this cute party project. Pour some plaster of paris onto a plate, profit the child in pressing in some selected shells. Let dry during cake and frozen treats time and then paint for any great make and take! Click the link to see the finished product and much more detailed instructions.

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