New Year’s Party Celebration Ideas for Office 2016

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2016 New Year party will include games, drinks, fun and frolic. This time of the year is the best time to party. Different types of parties are arranged during New Year throughout the World.

It is time to party, rejoice and welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm. On the New Year’s Eve, almost people from all over world, party hard and celebrate this event with their friends and family. Such kind of parties is great way to bond with people especially employees working in organization. Celebrating occasions in offices has become an essential element for developing work relations. Now office parties can be no more boring or formal, even these parties can be striking and a grand event, if organized properly. Office party is a golden chance for the employees to mingle with their bosses, co-workers and develop good relation. Right from sparkling decoration, entertaining games to exquisite menu, office New Year Eve party can really be a rocking event to remember. Some ideas to consider for your office party are:

Invent a Company

New Year Party Ideas for Office

New Year Party Ideas for Office

Divide your party guests into groups. Give each group a three- or four-letter acronym that you’ve made up. Then give each group about 10 minutes to decide what the acronym stands for and what the company does. After the 10 minutes are up, a representative from each team makes a short presentation, telling everyone all about their imaginary company. Vote for the funniest, most outrageous and most viable businesses.


A New Year’s office party can include assorted New Year’s decorations such as glittery banners that read “Happy New Year,” sparkling streamers, hats and crowns. A variety of noisemakers should be placed around food on tables as well as on desks, copiers and other office tables and appliances. You can also throw confetti everywhere, though cleaning up might become troublesome. Depending on how close your office is, you may also consider printing images of co-workers with funny facts about the person, or using thought bubbles to make jokes relating to your line of work.

Musical Chair Game

This is a traditional game played in almost every birthday party, almost everyone in the world. The fun is not always for the children and this can be another great game to be played at the New Year party.

Casino Games

This is only if your office Human Resource Department allows. Rent poker tables and have fun with coins in your pocket. You do not need to spend your entire year’s salary on this but just for fun you can take risks with a few coins.

Gift Wrap Games

This game requires a present to be wrapped in several layers of paper. The present can be a gag gift or something that will be appreciated. Everyone will sit in a circle and pass the gift around while music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the gift will remove one layer of paper. Repeat the game until someone unwraps the last layer of paper. That person will be the one who wins and gets to keep the present.

Offer a variety of drinks

Offer a variety of drinks

Food and Drink

Food for New Year’s office parties are often catered, though pot lucks are also an option that allows co-workers to get rid of some of their leftovers and cookies from Christmas. Sheet cakes with the words “Happy New Year” written in frosting is one dessert idea, as well as cupcakes with each cake featuring a letter to spell out New Year’s wishes. Vegetable and cheese spreads are simple foods to serve. Offer a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and virgin, including champagne for New Year’s toasts.

Go out on A Vacation with Your Team

If your office allows this, you can go together to a picnic or far away to an exotic place for a vacation. Pool in the money required and books the hotels well in advance. Plan accordingly that everything goes right on the New Year’s day when you are going to party hard.

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