Fun Christmas Party Games For Kids 2014

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Kids love a good party. It does take a little more than good food and conversation however to keep them entertained. Here are some games that will bring on the good times.

The new study shows that those people who love playing games are happier and much more creative. Not only because game can relief one’s inner pressure and bitterness, but additionally because when one is playing his favorite character as superhero inside a game, he will feel that he is embodied with the same idiosyncrasy and will become stronger. Here are a few suggestions for kids Christmas party game ideas:

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Guess Christmas movie name

A game which you can play with friends and kids at Christmas party requires four or five people sitting in a circle, among which one is appointed as Question Master and something the Guesser. After everyone recording a Christmas movie name on the paper, the Question Master reads out all of the answers in a random order. The Guesser must guess which answer belongs to which person. One point is awarded towards the Guesser for each correct guess.

Christmas Carol charades

Create a list of Christmas carols beforehand and let your family and friends guess each of them. One is selected to describe it with gestures and actions only, no speaking / singing / humming. It is funny and dramatic and it is sure to brin.

Candy Cane Relay Race

Divide children into teams and supply each team with four candy canes. They have to hang the candy canes over their fingers and hurry to pass through them on to the next member in line, but without using their thumbs. If all candy canes are broken, that team is eliminated from the race.

Christmas Family Feud

Many Christmas party game suggestions for kids can be fun for adults as well! Try playing a few rounds of family feud and test out your knowledge of favorite holiday traditions, stories, or any other trivia. You can look up survey answers on the web or poll your guests, and have some friendly competition at the holiday party.

Dress the snowman

Candy Cane Christmas Party Games

Candy Cane Christmas Party Games

This game is a great one if you have a lot of children playing. Divide them into teams and also have the children sit at one end from the room. At the other end ought to be chairs (one for each team) that have a hat, scarf and gloves in it. Give the children each several (the first in each team is number 1, the next is two and so on). When you blow the whistle, the children must go to the chair and put around the hat, scarf and gloves…or as much as they can before you blow the whistle! Whenever you do, they must take it all off and run to their teams. The next child then runs up, and so on. The winner is the first child to ensure that you put it all on prior to the whistle blows! This game is especially fun with a few silly Christmas songs playing in the background!

Fill the Christmas stocking

Another fun team game which fits in a similar way to Dress the Snowman. The kids should sit at one end from the room in their teams again, using the chairs at the opposite end. This time, the chair will have a bowl onto it which should contain a selection of wrapped small sweets (to make it more of a challenge!). One at a time, the kids will run to the chair, select a sweet and bring it to their team where they’ll put it in a Christmas stocking. The item of the game is to keep going until their stocking is full! They may be asleep by the end, but will have experienced lots of fun!

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