Fun Christmas Party Games for Families

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Here are five fun Christmas party games that are great for families.

Christmas is a very merry time and a happy time to spend time with friends and family and every year a lot of families have friends along with other members of the family over to have parties. Whenever you invite people over, there are always a great deal of friends that come along too also it falls on you to keep them entertained and in place through the party.

Christmas should be all about getting together with family and friends and making the most of spending some quality time together and something great way to make sure everyone gets involved is by using our top 5 Christmas party games!

Fun Christmas Party Games for Families

Fun Christmas Party Games for Families

The chocolate game

Buy a big bar of chocolate and set it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before you take part in the game. Guests must have one roll of the dice and also the person with the highest number must make an effort to eat the whole chocolate bar using the knife and fork inside a set time limit. Once the time limit is reached and if the gamer has not eaten it all, the dice should be rolled again. The game is won by the person who finishes the chocolate bar.

Pin the tail around the donkey

Adapt for Christmas parties by setting up a picture of a snowman with a missing nose or Father Christmas having a missing beard or hat. Eliminate a carrot or white beard and provide to a blindfolded guest before spinning them around five times and asking them to pin / stick the carrot around the snowman or the beard on Father Christmas. The person who gets the object as close to the right position as possible wins.

Pass the parcel

A real Favorited with people of all ages and a fantastic way to give Christmas presents. Wrap a present in a minimum of five layers of different paper (you can use wrapping paper, newspaper, aluminum foil and brown paper for this). Sit the guests in a circle so when the music plays they must pass the parcel, once the music stops the person holding the parcel will take off one layer of wrapping. The winner may be the person who is holding the parcel once the music stops and only one layer of wrapping remains. Add small gifts / sweets / forfeits between each layer to add a twist for this classic game.


Start the sport off by choosing one person to do something and one person to decide on a movie, book, TV show, song title or theatre show for your person to describe, without speaking! The one who guesses correctly is next to act and also the person who has just acted tells them things to act out. Don’t forget to keep the topic a secret from the rest of the audience! Use ‘sounds like’, number of syllables and number of words to do something out particularly difficult requests.

Christmas Charades

A celebration isn’t a party without a game of charades. Keep your puzzles based on Christmas. Divide into two teams again. Let each team of family members develop five to ten puzzles for their opponents to do something out. Use movie titles, songs, book titles, etc. to stump another team.

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