Easy Easter Activities & Fun Ideas For kids

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Looking for a fun Easter Activity for Kids? These Easter Eggs-ercises are a great way to celebrate the holiday while getting your little ones up and moving.

Are you looking for some fun Easter activities for your kids this year? There are so many ideas on pinterest that it is overwhelming to sort through them all and decide which ones would be the easiest and most fun for you kids. Well, you have come to the right spot! I’ve been mulling it over for quite awhile now thinking about what my top favorite activities would be, if was going to pick some for my kids.

I want them to have fun and enjoy the season. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I do want them to get to try some new ideas and crafts. So based on these criteria, I have selected what I think are the Top Easter Activities for Kids.

Easter Activities for kids

Easter Activities for kids

Easter Handprint Craft Ideas

If you are looking for an Easter handprint, fingerprint or footprint craft idea, here are cute kids crafts for you to choose from. We have found Easter chicks, Easter bunnies, crosses, Easter eggs and lots more. Click on the links for full instructions.

Easter Painting Activities

Easter is fast approaching now, so we’ve put together the Top Easter Painting Projects list for you to choose from. Including ideas from some of the favourite bloggers from across the internet, you will find lots of inspiration for your Easter cards and decorations. As well as great activities perfect for play dates and keeping the kids entertained during the school Easter holidays.

Easter Crayons

This is a great way to use up all those pesky broken bits and pieces of old crayons, don’t throw them out, recycle them into Easter bunny rainbow crayons. You will need a silicone bunny mould + old crayon pieces (or new crayons snapped into small pieces). Fill the moulds and bake in the oven to create cute little rainbow bunny crayons the kids will love.

Egg Art Print

This really cute egg art was found on Julep and is actually surprisingly simple to make. All you need to do is cut coloured paper into strips and then glue it in lines onto an egg shape and finish with another cut out egg shape over the top to create a professional finish.

Egg Art Print

Egg Art Print

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt in the garden (or indoors). If you don’t want the kids to have too much chocolate, choose mini foil-covered eggs, painted hard-boiled painted eggs, or plastic eggs filled with alternative treats. You can get as creative as you like and add clues or activities as part of the trail. Older children might also enjoy the challenge of planning an Easter egg hunt for family and friends.

Easter Bonnet

One of the highlights of Easter for me as a child was attending the Easter bonnet parade at school. But who says you have to wait for a parade, you can make your own at home just for fun. You will need scissors, glue, cardboard and then any decorative items you choose (think feathers, glitter, eggs). The possibilities are endless.

Carrot Footprints

A really simple craft activity for toddlers through to older kids is to make carrot footprints. Simply paint your child’s feet orange and get them to create a footprint painting, then cut it out to make the body of the carrot. To finish off cut up green paper or cardboard into strips and tape to the back of the footprint at the toe end to create the leafy carrot.

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