Christmas Party Games for Adults

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Here is a collection of adult Christmas games.

Adult Christmas games can make your holiday celebration a success. Playing group games is a great ice breaker and fun maker to obtain the party started and keep it going. Try these great games created for adult group suitable for friends, family or co-workers.

This is a collection of adult Christmas games. We call them adult, not because they’re adult-oriented, but because they work well with an adult crowd, or perhaps a mixed crowd of adults and children. They’re ideal for family and office Christmas parties.

Christmas Party Games for Adults

Christmas Party Games for Adults

Blind Christmas Tree Ripping: For this game you need green construction paper. Give everyone a chance in attempting to rip a sheet of green construction paper (behind their back) in to the shape of a Christmas tree (they mustn’t take a look at their trees, only when they have finished creating their tree). Once they’ve finished ripping, and before they look, give them little stickers to brighten their tree with. Once finished, hang everyone’s tree up and also have everyone judge for the best looking trees.

Carol Singing in Pairs: Before the party, write down names of Christmas songs on slips of paper (2 of each song – on two different slips of paper). Then place the amount of slips, as there are people, inside a bag (there needs to be an even number with this game). Each person has to draw a slip of paper and ensure not to show it to anyone. After they see what song they were given, they need to begin humming the song (everyone will begin humming at the same time). Each person needs to find the other person who is humming exactly the same song as they are. Once they locate this person, they hold hands and begin singing the song out load. The very first ones to do this are the winners! A great game with lots of people (causes it to be harder for the pairs to discover each other).

Holiday Sausages: Divide your group into two teams. Possess the two teams sit in-front of each other (each on their own side). An individual from one team is chosen to begin by asking a person in the other team a question. They can ask any question, however the answer must always be the same “Holiday Sausages”. The person answering must not laugh or smile, and when he does so successfully, his team receives a point. If he laughs or smiles, his team needs to ask the other team an issue. Everyone plays this until all have had a turn or two. Whichever team ends most abundant in points is the winning team! This really is one of those adult Christmas games that can become hilarious also it can get to the point where it’s very hard to stay serious.

Christmas Object Drawing: With this game, two people sit back to back. One of them is offered some kind of Christmas object – an ornament, a toy, a kitchen object, etc., and also the other is given a paper and marker, pen, or pencil. The individual with the object cannot reveal what object it’s, but needs to describe towards the person drawing what it appears like (for example, “it is a long object, there is a diagonal coming from the bottom left to the peak right, now draw a circle around the top”, etc.). The quality of the final picture depends of course how well the person describes it and just how well the interpreter interprets it. The end result can be very funny!

Kiss it Relay: Place a large bowl of Hersey’s kisses on the table. Divide your group into two teams and also have them line up around 10-15 feet from the table. Give the first people in the row mittens which are slightly larger than they would ever need. On the mark of “Go”, the first player of each team runs towards the table (with their mittens on), takes a Hershey’s kiss out of the bowl and tries unwrapping it using the large mittens. After they unwrap it they need to run down and pop it in to the next person’s mouth. The next one takes the mittens and runs towards the bowl to do the same.

Christmas Balls: A fun passive game. Fill a definite large jar or vase with many Christmas ball ornaments of different sizes and colors. Guest attempt to guess how many ornaments have been in the container. Can also have multiple prizes for guessing the number of red ornaments, green ornaments, etc.

Find the Ornament: Take close up pictures of ornaments that are hung on the Christmas tree. Hang all the pictures on the wall with a number alongside each one. Each guest is offered a sheet of paper numbered to complement the ornaments. Have each guest locate the ornament around the tree and mark it from the list as they find it. They can’t take the pictures off the wall. The first ones to complete the list wins. This could also be played with teams.

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