7 Great Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2015

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Looking for fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year? We’ve got some ideas that will make this special day one to remember.

Mother’s Day is very special and all sons and daughters like to celebrate it in their own way. You can celebrate it with the ideas given here like Breakfast in bed, making dinner for mom, and a spa day are all great gifts for a mother. This year, make Mother’s Day a unique and unforgettable celebration. Making a memory jar, taking your mother to afternoon tea, planting a tree, taking mom for a picnic, and volunteering at her favorite charity are unique ways to celebrate motherhood.

mother's day celebration ideasmother's day celebration ideas

mother’s day celebration ideas

Although there is no need to have a special day to please your mother, most of the people celebrate Mother’s Day to show their love and care for their moms. Every individual has to make his or her mother happy in every possible way. Since she is your mother, you know her very well and are well aware of her likes and dislikes. On this day all sons and daughters are expected to play the role of an ideal son or a daughter and please their mothers.

If you are a son or daughter you should plan in advance and discuss with your sibling and decide how you want to celebrate this day. There are various ideas and either you can fit one of them or create a unique one and wish your mother in an exclusive manner.

Breakfast In Bed

Start celebrating the day early by serving mom breakfast in bed. Let dad help supervise in the kitchen, and make sure any mess is cleaned up when you’re done.

A Day Together

Make mom feel like a queen for the day. Start her off with a specially made breakfast at home. Then pack a lunch and take her on an adventure from the heart. Depending on your mom, she may enjoy a day at the park, beach or going on a family hike. Spending time together is what matters most. Sprinkle in some delightful surprises throughout her day, such as her favorite foods, handwritten letters or some chocolate on her pillow before bed.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Without the support of your mom, your greatest accomplishments may not have happened. Turn her day into a wonderful celebration filled with memories. Gather photos, trinkets or any heartfelt items that you could turn into a shadow box, scrapbook or even a collection to hand to her with specially filled notes. You can make the memories last longer than just a day; write down 52 memories, one for each week of the year and put them in a decorative box.

Picnic In The Park

If you’re lucky enough to see a dry, sunny day this Mother’s Day then why not take a picnic basket full of your mum’s favourite treats along with a bottle of champers and celebrate in style. This will be a welcome break for your mum from the kitchen and will also give you some quality time together in the great outdoors.

Simple Celebration

Making a Mother’s Day celebration memorable and unique doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It could be as simple as heading to your favorite local ice cream shop and sharing an ice cream sundae (this would be top choice in our house!).

Have a Family Movie Night

Have a Family Movie Night

Have a Family Movie Night

Family time is important for most moms, and finding time to do things together gets more and more difficult as kids get older and have their own social circles, jobs, and events. So dedicate Mother’s Day night to a special family movie night; Mom gets to pick the movies. Dad and kids provide meal and/or movie-appropriate snacks, and everyone gets to settle in for some chill time together.

Create a New Tradition

Traditions help us create memories and give us touchstones as a family, common points of connection we can come back to even as we grow up, move away, pursue different dreams. Use Mother’s Day to come up with a new family tradition, then make it something you repeat at significant times. It could be as simple as saying a family prayer or taking a family photo.

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