6 Festive Christmas Party Themes You Will Love

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Do away with boring old Christmas party themes. This year, try something new and refreshing. Read this article for some ideas.

Christmas is bound to be the most celebrated season of the year. This is a time when most of us are in party mood. Christmas parties are the most fun part of this season. But, organizing a Christmas party is not a game. Many of us wish to make the Christmas parties the most memorable and cherished party of the year.

With so many themes to choose from, you must be quite confused, as to what kind of theme ideas for Christmas party should you select. You can make it the most memorable event by adding a theme to it. A Christmas themed party is very engaging and fun. It gives your guests a chance to participate actively in your Christmas party. So, here are a few party themes that you can adopt this Christmas.

Cookie Exchange

Christmas Party Themes

Christmas Party Themes

In parties it is generally seen that the host doesn’t enjoy much because he/she gets tired after doing all the party preparation. So, here comes the cookie exchange theme. This theme party involves everyone who is in your guest list. Here, you guests bring the foods like cookies, cakes, snacks etc. along with them and then everyone enjoy these appetizers brought by all the guests. But before you organise this cookie exchange Christmas party, you need to list the guests in advance and check with them their availability & item they are getting. This party will be fun to organise. Everyone will be the host in this type of party.

Ridiculous Gift Exchange Party

This is a fun and unusual theme that you can try. What you can do is, decorate the house in traditional Christmas style. Plan out the usual Christmas games at the party too. But while sending out the invites, write down a message saying that each invitee must bring along a ridiculous gift to the party, neatly wrapped and with their name on it. A funny gag gift that will make the receiver laugh. Place all the gifts under the tree, as and when the guests arrive and have a good time. When it’s time to wrap up, bring a bowl with each person’s name in a chit. Ask each person to pick out a chit and they must go and pick up the gift which has been brought by the person in their chit. It will be a funny experiment and you will all enjoy it!

Tree-decorating Party

Tree decorating party is ideal if your guest list is small. As working together is always fun therefore this tree decorating party works well with a small group. In tree decorating party you can ask your guests to decorate the Christmas tree. It would be fun and interesting when everyone works to decorate the tree and it would be even more fun when your Christmas tree gets decorated by your family and friends.

Snow Flake Party

If you opt for this party theme, you will have to go all out on the decorations. The entire house or at least the party area should resemble a snow covered area. Snow spray the tree and put up frosty decorations and ornaments everywhere. White, silver and gold are the best colors to use for this party theme. White snow, silver and gold stars and angels. White frosted light bulbs and garlands of tiny light bulbs in white. Very simple and very elegant decorations will make this theme a success. Ask your guests to dress up in the same shades as your party decorations.

Tree-decorating Party

Tree-decorating Party

Naughty Christmas Party

If you want to spice up Christmas party this year then try Naughty Christmas theme. This Christmas theme party suits best when you are organising a party in a day time. For this theme, you need to decorate the Christmas tree with leis, sun and sand inspired sculpture, seashells and other beach items. You can also decorate the party areas with umbrellas, glasses, relaxing chairs etc. You can also include games like Hawaiian shirt contest or a beach party dance. Kabobs, coconut dishes, hot cocoa and cookies are few appetisers that you can include in this themed party.

Scotland Christmas

This is a fun theme in which everyone is required to dress up like Scottish people and come to the party. You can dress up like earls and dukes and give yourself a Scottish name. Address others by similar kind of names and completely revamp the décor. You can have a fireplace like the ones found in Scottish castles. Arrange for traditional Scottish music complete with bagpipes. Encourage your guests to dance along. Dinner and drinks can also be Scottish like ale, wine, lamb, peas, carrots, etc.

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