Christmas Party Games for Groups: Everyone Can Enjoy

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Planned a great Groups Christmas party, but stuck at which party games to choose? Here are some of the most popular and all-time favorite games with a Christmas twist.

Christmastime is a time of celebration and cheer. Moreover, to share the joy of Christ’s birth in this world, to save us sinners, we invite people over. Playing games is a great way of adding life and laughter to a party. While thinking of some new party game ideas, you can draw inspiration from TV shows and TV games. For example, you can pick up a few games from the ‘Minute to Win it’ show and make your party a great success. Remember to select the games according to the age group of the people attending the party. Here are a few examples of games that the guests will definitely enjoy playing.

Group Games For Christmas Party:

Group Games For Christmas Party

Group Games For Christmas Party

Secrets Revealed

This is one of the most fun games for groups. You don’t even need to make special arrangements for it. Ask the guests to write down one of their funny habits on a piece of paper, along with their names. You could encourage them to write by revealing one of your own funny idiosyncrasies; for example, someone could say that he washes his hands three times before having dinner. Collect the chits in a jar and read out one of them without giving away the name of the person. The group will have an amazing time figuring out who the chit belongs to.

Balloon Popping Contest

Like the first game, this is also one of those Christmas party games for groups that are played against the clock. The allotted time for this game should only be three minutes or less; otherwise, you will have to invest on buying a lot of balloons. Each group should have 20 members standing in pairs. Each pair should pop or squeeze a balloon between their chests. Once the balloon is popped, the next pair follows. The group with the most balloons popped wins the game.

Musical Chair

This classic party game is also an excellent game for a Christmas party. Place chairs, one less than the number of guests who are playing, in a circle. Play a snippet of music and make the guests go around the chairs. When the music stops, each of the players must take a seat. However, since one chair is less, one of them will remain standing. The player who does not bag a seat when the music stops leaves the game. Remove another chair and then continue the game. In this way the players and the chairs will continue to decrease. The winner is the last player who manages to seat himself/herself on the last chair. For a festive touch, you can include Christmas carols and hyms instead of the usual melody.

Stocking Guessing Game

Number each stocking, wrap some gifts and hand them over with a paper and pen to all your kid guests. Let them touch and feel each of the gifts in the stocking without unwrapping them. The guests with the maximum right guesses shall be the winner. You could also have them take the gifts home.

Balloon Popping Contest

Balloon Popping Contest

Christmas Charades

Divide the guests into two groups for this game and select movies with a Christmas theme. Stipulate a time frame for each team to act out the movie and guess the name correctly. To make things exciting ask the groups to pick out a Christmas name for their group, for example ‘Rudolph’ or ‘North Pole’. To add to the fun, allow one team to mislead the other when they are guessing the name of the movie.

The ugly sweater competition

All the junk we save in our cupboard is now useful for this game. Get out those old sweaters mix and match them and wear them for this competition. Request all your guests to carry one ugly sweater with them. Set up a ramp and have each of the guest walk the ramp wearing their best ugly sweater. The person in possession of the ugliest and funniest sweater shall be declared as the winner of the competition.

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