Brilliant Christmas Party Games to Play With the Family

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Christmas Party games for families is my all time favorite way to to spend time during the holidays.

Christmas games for families are an especially great way to bond with family you don’t see very often. It breaks the ice and offers you something to do when you aren’t sure how to start up a conversation. Family Christmas games are also a great way to get kids and adults involved in an activity together. So whether you’re enjoying a family gathering, hosting a kids’ holiday party or simply wanting to beat boredom this holiday season, the whole family–both child and adult–will love these awesome sgames Christmas party games for families.

Christmas Party Games for family

Christmas Party Games for family

Family Party Games for Christmas

Christmas Memory

On a tray or platter, place a variety of small and large Christmas items. Guests have a designated time period to study and remember the items. The tray is taken away, and guests must write down the items they remember. Winner is the person with the most items remembered. This works well for mixed groups when families play as teams.

Christmas treasure hunt

You will need baubles or Christmas decorations and items to hide. Find a selection of baubles or small Christmassy items etc. and hide them around your decorated home.Why not put a seasonal spin on an Easter Egg hunt? Hide a set of wrapped candy canes throughout the house and leave them for others to collect.

Musical Chairs

Place a row of chairs (or cushions) back to back in the middle of the room. There should be one fewer than there are players. Players circle the chairs while the music plays and sit down when it stops. Chairless players drop out. One chair (or cushion) is removed. The play continues.

Gift Grab

For this game, guests bring a small wrapped gift under a designated dollar amount. A number is placed under each gift, and the same numbers are placed on pieces of paper for guests to pick out of a hat. A guest draws a number and takes the gift with the corresponding number. After a player has received a gift, they are free to ‘grab’ a gift from another player in exchange for their gift. The gift grabbing continues until all numbers are chosen, and guests are left with the gift in their hands.

Christmas Party Games for family

Christmas Party Games for family

Apple Bobbing

Fill a tub with water and put one apple for each person into it. Players have to retrieve an apple out without using hands. Either the first one to succeed wins – or in a set time. Do it in the kitchen. Alternate version: hang the apples on string from a door frame.

Christmas charades

You will need a timer, bowls for clues, paper, pen or pencil and four or more players. This Christmas party game takes charades and puts it in a festive setting using Christmas phrases and film titles, and music. You can find words for charades ready made for the game online.

Christmas Candy Guess

Place Christmas candies in a jar and have guests place their guess of how many are in the jar on a holiday gift tag or scrap of paper. Winner is the closest guess.

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