Beautiful Candle Stylish and Decorations for Valentines Day

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Candles are wonderful home decor accessories they like nothing else that can create the right romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day.

Considered the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is perfect to set the mood for romance and bliss right for your partner. This day is celebrated in a number of ways. Candles come in beautiful designs; also scented candles take the atmosphere to a whole different level. The pleasant scent and the dim flicker of the burning candles never fail to create a warm glow within you and build a sense of appreciation for the occasion and your partner. Whether you are planning for a romantic candle light dinner or simply wanting to decorate your bedroom and bathroom with Valentine’s decoration, adding candles to the scene will definitely make the setup look more dazzling and romantic. Candles come in special wrappings as well that can be used as gifts, candles always carry a special and deep message with them – they are simply elegant and at all times bring a smile to your face.

Candles that are specifically designed for Valentines can be found in gorgeous shapes, colors and have distinctive candle holders that blend in with the event perfectly. In this post you can be viewing some flawlessly designed candles with their holders– male visitors, this could be of great help for you – be inspired and make sure to use at least one of these ideas to make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one.

Best Candles Designs for Valentine’s Day:

Floating candles for Valentine's Day

Floating candles for Valentine’s Day

Floating candles

Fill a large glass bowl with water and add a few floating candles. To beautify the heart of something extra, sprinkle red or silver glitter into the water and a few floating rose petals next to the candles. You can also paint the glass bowl with red paint or write a beautiful saying about love.

Heart and Rose Petals

Similarly, the candles for Valentine’s Day are the lanterns. Your appearance is also very soft and effective. They are even easier to decorate, because its surface is smooth. Whether you opt for a candle or lantern, romantic lighting is a must for a day for lovers.

Valentine Ornament Candles

You can find many valentine ornaments in the market these days, some of them include candles. Finding the right kind of candle that has already been customized according to the theme will do their jobs, however the picture above suggests you to let you imagination run wild. Candles are versatile objects and can easily fit into any scenery, thus take advantage of that and arrange candles in striking shapes. Or you could get pillars and jars and potpourri altogether and combine them. Have a good Valentines.

Tealight Candles

Tealight candles are simple candles that are encase in small metal cups and are widely available. Even though they usually come in white, multicolored tealights can be found too. Arranging these candles in heart shapes or buying elegant holders for these candles and arranging them together will no doubt give your setting the desired effect.

Pillar Candles

Decorative pillar candles could be bought and arranged next to the bed, like the picture above shows you could set these candles next to photo frames of you and your loved ones. Pillar candles could also be arranged with a bottle of champagne next to the bath tub – however, make sure you fill the tub with hot water and add a scent to it. And don’t forget the rose petals.

Magic Candles for Valentine's Day

Magic Candles for Valentine’s Day

Magic Candles

Look at this gorgeous candle! Magic candles are a creative innovation in the line of candles, these color changing candles come in all sort of shapes. Such candles will add pure character to the surroundings and make the scene look stunning! Have these candles places by your bedside.

Votive Candles

Although they aren’t much different than placing tealights into beautiful containers, some of these candles come in specially designed votive candle holders, buy love themed votives and make your decoration look marvelous.

Romantic candles are cheap decorations that offer impressive Valentines Day ideas for your home decorating and make the special evening feel magic. Natural scented candles add wonderful aroma and relaxing soft light to your room decor, filling the space with romance and elegance.

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