7 Easy and Beautiful Ideas for Easter Table Decorations

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There are few festivals that capture the spirit of a season (and a religion) like Easter does. Right here are some tips and suggestions on Easter table decorations:

With Easter comes the arrival of spring perennials, warmer, longer days and the anticipation of summer. Easter is a time for family get together and it will be dull without Easter table decorations and accessories. Use these inspirations as part of your Easter table decorations for your Easter celebration this year. Bring family and friends together for a yummy Easter brunch or early dinner and set an Easter table setting full of color and texture. Use fresh flowers, a combination of pastel colors and your best table setting for elegant Easter table decor.

Just like any other decoration, it is important to find a theme for table decoration too. As the underlying theme is that of Easter, you have a way to start.

Top 7 Colorful Easter Table Decorations:

Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easter Table Decorations Ideas


Centerpieces will give the finishing touch to the table decorations. Having an impressive centerpiece will instantly spruce up the dinner table. The basic rule to be followed for the centerpiece is that it must be of a height that will not obstruct the view of people sitting across the table from each other. One of the simple ideas is to get a large white bowl and place fresh fruits in it. Spread flower petals around the base of this bowl. You can also have a centerpiece by filling a large planter with potted orchids in it. You can also place small dry branches and twigs in a planter and add colorful Easter eggs to these branches. Next, add colorful pebbles or stones at the bottom. Placing colorful eggs in a wicker basket or on a wide plate filled with dry grass is also lovely idea.

Fresh green

Bouquets of flowers are a must for any table celebrating Easter. Make sure you accentuate the greenness of the stems of these flowers, as you want to reflect the freshness of Spring itself! Yellow, cream, or white flowers capture the bliss of the warmer seasons. Don’t forget that grassy plants can also create a desired effect a mini patch of grass with Easter eggs placed on it for a centerpiece will be like bringing the essence of Spring right into the home.


Most of us bring out our best china crockery for a festive occasion like this. It is done till death. You now have an option of surprising your guests with your amazing Easter decoration ideas. Stick to eco-friendly theme for Easter. You can use disposable green crockery (literally meaning leaves) to serve your guests. Banana leaves (popular in India) are very useful for serving food. Firstly, you will not have to wash dishes after the party is over and secondly, it is totally cost-effective.

Tree of eggs

If you want to make the most of your colorful eggs, opt for a rustic-styled egg stand that resembles a Christmas tree so you can have all eggs together in one batch while keeping it simple. Layered cake plates are also a brilliant technique. Of course, you can also find branches from the yard and hang the eggs from them in a vase.

Color Theme

This will ensure that the entire table decor coordinates well with each other. You can follow a white and pink color theme. Here, you can have plain white table linen and white porcelain tableware with pink border or floral prints. Use pink flowers and Easter eggs to spiff up the table, and add a finishing touch with pink candles and napkins folded neatly. Another lovely theme that you can follow is blue and yellow. With a white dress up for the table and blue tableware, you can add yellow to the table with some pretty tulips. Also have the Easter eggs painted in blue and yellow. For unique Easter decorations, you can have square plates and asymmetric candle holders.

easter table centerpiece ideas

easter table centerpiece ideas


Hand woven baskets could be a fascinating prop for your Easter decoration. But, we hardly make use of it because we are too much into mainstream things like dinner sets and matching table napkins. To make things trendy and casual there is nothing like cane or bamboo baskets. You can serve breads or fresh fruits in them.


Do away with the boring Gothic candle stands. Even the royals find them out of fashion now. Actually, it makes no sense to have candles, unless they are something specific like egg-shaped candles. It is very easy to find egg-shaped lampshades for your table.

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