The Perfect Makeup Tips for Every Redheads Should Know

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these simple makeup tips to bring out your natural makup tips and look your best redheads.

Red hair is unique and gorgeous looking but it can be harder to find flattering makeup tips as the hair colour can be bright and attention-grabbing on its own already. These 5 stars all have fiery locks, and they’ve figured out the makeup tips that suits them well over the years of trying out different combinations. Some love going for a statement look and aren’t afraid to experiment with bold eye shadow colours or lipsticks, while some like fleshy-toned shades that suit their delicate looking complexions.

When it comes to makeup, being a redhead can be tricky. There are so many lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner shades that simply just don’t work on redheads’ fair, often freckly, skin. So to help you redheads make the best makeup tips decisions possible, we went straight to the experts. Follow these dos and don’ts to avoid any future beauty blunders.

makeup tips for every redheads

makeup tips for every redheads

Fabulous Makeup Tips for Redheads

Avoid red lips

“To finish the look, nude and beige lip glosses look great on redheads,” says Nina. The general rule is to avoid pink and red lip color if you have red hair. However, rules are meant to be broken and you should experiment and find out what works best for you. Blue- and gold-based reds can look great on some redheads.When it comes to pinks, you might be surprised which colors will complement your hair color and skin tone. A cherry-pink or bright plum might look amazing. Select matte formulas or lip stains rather than an ultra-glossy or extra creamy lipstick.

Coral Colors

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this makeup tips for redheads. A lot of people believe that coral colors and red hair just doesn’t go together, but that’s not true! Of course, it all depends on your skin tone as well as the color red you have, but I say that a little coral on your lips or even on your cheeks is a great way to brighten up your face.


Shades of peach and plum look beautiful with red hair. Peaches bring out the soft tones of the hair and illuminate the pink undertones of the skin. Plums are great, too, because they really help to warm up the eyes and in turn the rest of the face.

Color Palette

Makeup-wise, start neutral. Staples that look great on everyone are Nars blush in Orgasm or ELF blush from its studio line of blush and contouring powder ($3!) and black mascara we love the new Lash Blast Fusion from Cover Girl and the Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascar). Green eye makeups tips are great on redheads, as is purple and any color you might find in an autumnal forest. For a more daring look, metallics work with every shade.


Remember, less is more. Most redheads go through the stage of wanting their skin to be darker, so they choose a darker foundation. Don’t do it! Go the natural route. Choose a redhead-approved liquid foundation, or a simple ‘light’ mineral powder. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up. Let your skin shine through.

makeup tips for every redheads

makeup tips for every redheads

Steer clear of bronzer

Go easy on bronzer, or don’t use it all, because it can be too close to the color of your hair, and part of the beauty tips of redheads is the contrast between their complexion and their hair.

Peaches and browns

Looking for eyeshadow that works amazingly well for redheaded babes? Then you’ve come to the right place. Peaches and browns all the way ladies! Browns and peaches always bring out the red and the peach in particular will look ideal with your freckles.

Earthy Tones

If you are a natural ginger, don’t worry ladies, earthy tones are definitely going to be your friend! Lots of greens, browns and deeper tones will really highlight your natural red hair. Also, remember my tip about the freckles, they are beautiful.

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