Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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General Idea

Tips for Brown Eyes

Tips for Brown Eyes

Natural make up tips for brown eyes presents a kaleidoscope of the colors which enhances the brown eyes and makes them look out for their sheer beauty.

Colors which are in stark contrast to each other are complimentary and so work to brighten each other. For example red and green or yellow and purple. Depending on the shade of your brown eyes you will select  the shades of eye shadow to be used to brighten the brown which, may give you the effect of lightening that you are after, especially if you use colors that shine.

If your eyes have a yellow touch, try using an eye shadow with a purple tone.

In this post we will share best natural make up tips for brown eyes that can make them look wonderful and out of the world.

Deep dark brown eyes

  • Iris looks almost black
  • Eye shadow colors from medium to dark will work well
  • Also use lighter spots of color to avoid your eyes looking too harsh

Medium brown eyes

  • One can use any color from violet to gold.
  • Green color looks outstanding
  • Eyes can be lined with any color using it delicately
  • Use multiple colors for different or dramatic look

Light brown eyes

  • Striking eyes with golden flick in the iris
  • Use pale yellow as highlight
  • Use dark brown eye liner instead of black here
  • Do not overpower brown shade of color of your eye with any other color

Hazel or light eyes

  • Use colors that are a little darker than your skin tone. Like champagne or light purple colors.
  • Lining the eyes with darker color like violet, bronze or dark brown will make them stand out.
  • Pink or apricot highlights too work well here.
  • Do not use black eyeliner as it overpowers the hazel color

Brown Eyes – universal shadow Color

Brown eyes, unlike other eyes, do not have an opposite or complementary color. This is because brown is actually a combination of the other colors. In other words, it contains blue, red and yellow. So, technically when it comes to eye shadow makeup tips for brown eyes, most eye makeup colors work. Discover favorite colors to work with:

Makeup tips For Brown Eyes – Bizarre Color Options

  • Start with light purple color as it is naturally enhancing and and so also comfortable to most women
  • For hazel looks go with the lighter colors and darker eyeliners
  • Select right mascara for your eyes. For hazel look one can choose dark brown or black to make the eyes really pop up.

    Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

    Natural Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

  • Find one or two colors of eye shadow that you love wearing for daytime looks and then really play up your eyes with smoky eye makeup at night.
  • Metallic in gold, bronze, browns and pinks help brown eyes stand out in the most attractive way.
  • For the natural looks, use eye shadows in neutral colors such as browns, taupes, peaches, etc. When selecting eyeliner, you can go with dark browns for a natural look and black for a more intense look.
  • Deep shades of blue and brown, plum, blue gray, vanilla, gold, shades of violet and purple, nutmeg would be the best choice for brown eyes.

A Make-up style

  • Prepare the area around brown eyes with an eye cream and a concealer whose color is at least a shade lighter than the skin around eyes. Use the cream as the base for the eye shadow and the dark concealer to hide the circle around eyes.
  • Apply light & then dark green eye shadow on the eye lids and eye lines as this color works best with brown eyes.
  • Apply emerald eye liner between the eye lashes. This will make them stand out
  • Add not more than two coats of mascara to give the gorgeous look to your eyes. Eyes will look awkward if you apply more than two coats of the same.


Brown eyes are beautiful to look at and a real treat for the onlooker. Brown eyes are simple and versatile too which can work wonders with different colors. Especially the dark brown eyes are the wonderful features one can have and take advantage of. Different color combinations can be applied in the natural make up tips for brown eyes depending upon the intensity of brown color in the eyes to enhance them and make them look stunning and highlight.

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  1. Bhebhe Mosh

    I really like these little posts of fave favorites! It re-inspires me to drag out the colors and palettes I had been so desperate to purchase which have now fallen to the back of the train case because the initial excitement has passed. Did the colorful smoky eye in my day out today at the flea market. Just inspiration!

  2. Rosa Villa

    I think that with brown eyes, a lighter color would look good. A light pink, blue, or even green color eyeshadow.

  3. James King

    I love you web sits and all you make up tips. I have really dark almost black looking eyes and I love to wear pinks, purple, greens, teals, silver, copper and blues; everytime I wear any of these colors I get so many compliments.

  4. chrishendrickson

    Great post! I Think Brown Eye makeup plays an essential role in the entire makeup of face. This is somehow very difficult task to remove makeup from your eyes after its utility is over.

  5. williom thomas

    Every time I look for colors for brown eyes, it’s for dark haired, darker skined women. I’ve dark brown eyes , fair skin, and lightweight brown hair. I cant wear a great deal of the typical colors recomended for brown eyes. Any suggestions?

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