How to Dry Your Nail Polish Quickly

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Don't waste you time and energy waiting for your nail paint dry when you have so many better things to do. Try these easy ways to dry nail polish faster.

While most of us enjoy applying nail polish; drying it can be frustrating. Blowing or waving the fingers, after applying the nail color, may not work always. Otherwise, you have to wait for some time, till the nail polish gets dry. For fast results, you may purchase an expensive quick dry nail polish, a drying solution or a quick seal nail polish pen. If you don’t want to invest on such products, here are some simple tips for drying nail polish fast.

Ways to Dry Nail Polish Faster:

Ways to Dry Nail Polish Faster

Ways to Dry Nail Polish Faster

Shake Up The Bottle

The first step to dry to your nail paint faster depends on how you apply it. Nail polish thickens when the bottle is left alone for days. Shake it up to mix the colour balls with the acetone and get a thinner consistency of nail paint for application.

Using Hair Dryer

In order to dry your nail polish fast, use your hair dryer, but on the cold option, and direct the cool air towards your nails. Make sure the distance between your hair dryer and nails is not too close, as air can possibly ruin your manicure instead of drying it. Always remember that the thinner the nail polish coat, the faster it dries.

Ice Cold Water

Before you start applying nail polish just fill a bowl with water and drop a few ice cubes in it. After applying a coat of nail polish just dip your hand in the water after you apply a coat, leave your nails in there for about thirty seconds take them out for five seconds and put them in for another thirty seconds or as long as it does not start hurting. It is advisable to take your fingers out for a bit so that you do not end up freezing them. It’s a sure way to get your nails to dry off quickly.

Using Hair Dryer

Using Hair Dryer

Refrigerator Method

As compared to nail polish stored at room temperature, those kept in the refrigerator are found to be fast drying. Keep the nail color in the refrigerator for about 20 to 30 minutes, and use it immediately. This method is applicable for regular nail polish and not the quick dry versions. Another method is to stick your hands inside the freezer, once you are done with nail polish application.

Nail Polish Dryer

This device comes in different types and the expensive ones are more efficient than the regular ones. All you have to do is to paint your nails and stick your hands inside the device. The color will dry quickly. While some of these devices are meant for fingernails only, there are other types that can be used for both finger and toenails. Some of the high-end versions use UV rays for drying nail polish. You may also buy a quick dry nail spray that has to be applied over the nail polish.

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