Find The Best Lipstick Shades for Your Fair Skin Tone

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When you choose the shade of lipstick, you should also keep in mind the colour of your skin tone. There are not so many lipstick shades which will be able to match your skin tone.

Lipstick shades are very confusing to choose from when you don’t know what you want. There are several of shades in reds, pinks, purples, browns, and beige that could look good on you, but you can’t judge that by just looking at them. And you can’t try every color to make sure it matches your skin tone. All the beautiful lipstick shades will not look beautiful on you, only the ones that go best with your skin tone and undertone can give you those ideal lips. In addition to that when you are planning to wear a lipstick you also need to consider the occasion and the time of the day to make it look actually great on you. Lipsticks make a part of the total face makeup, and hence you need to make it bold or subtle depending on the need of the whole makeup. In order to pick the shade of lipstick that will actually look good on you, first you need to know your skin tone and under tone.

Choosing A Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin:

Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

If you have the idea that fair skinned ladies can opt for any shade of lipstick, you are running on the wrong track. In fact, the dark shades will not do the best justice to the fair skin complexions, rather light shades like corals and apricot can be ideal. For fair skinned women with warm undertones, shades of peach and coral lipsticks look most attractive. If you have a fair complexion and cool undertone shades of mocha and mauve can be perfect for you. There are several lipstick shades which suits the fair skin toned women and are good for night out or for office parties.

Red Shades

Red is a favored choice among fair skinned ladies as it adds a dash of excitement and glamour effortlessly. Bold and bright in hue, there are many shades of red for you to try out. For weddings, night parties and more, opt for a light makeup with bold red lips to amaze the world with your beauty.

Coral Shades

Coral shades of lipstick that equally enhance the beauty of fair skinned girls. You can check out the pink coral shades that are excellent for regular office wear. With a non-bold and natural essence in it, the coral shade keeps your makeup undertone and subtle.

Peach Color

Peach lipstick is one of the coolest and the best nude lipstick if applied in a light coat. Peach lipstick is a shades color that is one of among natural lip colors. The peach lipstick is very natural and its look is very classy and stylish. If you use it darker, it appears a little bit like brown lipstick but complete brown lipstick is something else. Brown lipstick has a darker core but peach lipstick is somewhere related to one of the best natural lipstick shades.

Orange Shades

Blending softness with a tinge of boldness, orange is the color that is exclusively suited for fair skinned, especially teen aged girls. Exhibiting trendy and adventurous spirit, this color is sure to make you stand out of the box. Add some gloss to it and you are ready to rule

Brown Color

The colour brown looks good on any type of skin tone. Taking Lady Gaga for example, she looks gorgeous and trendy. Surely it does make her teeth sparkle.

Orange Lipstick Shades

Orange Lipstick Shades

Pink Shade

Pink lipstick is one of the best lipstick colors with awesome lip tint. Pink lipstick is widely used beauty cosmetics and almost favorite of all the girls. A little darker shade of it, plum lipstick is also good. Some good brands can provide you the best pink lipstick which will be available in natural lipstick color. The benefit of best natural lipstick shades is that they look natural and they are long lasting lipstick and many more benefits.

Apricot Brown

For a soft and nude look, apricot brown with a slight dash of rose can be your best pick. Its shimmering spark definitely adds to your spirit without making you appear overly made up. For professionals who need to go out regularly, this lipstick shade is fittingly for you.

Royal Purple

If you want to look royal, then opt for a purple lipstick. However, when it comes to this colour, make sure that the purple is not too bright but needs to be dark.

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