Fabulous Makeup Tips & Tricks to Make Your Deep Set Eyes

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makeup tips for deep-set eyes requires the right product choices and learning the correct techniques.

If you want your makeup to look great, it is important that you customize your makeup look based on your face. This means that many of your physical facial attributes should dictate the way in which you apply your makeup. If you have deep set eyes, you can make this a great feature by doing your eye makeup specifically to make your eyes appear bigger. When you have deep set eyes, your eyes are already naturally defined, you just need to play them up a bit. You want the makeup that you apply to just accentuate your natural beauty, this means that you do not want to hide your deep set eye.

makeup tips for deep set eyes

makeup tips for deep set eyes

Having deep set eyes are wonderful because you can experiment a lot of eye makeup techniques with them easily. Behind all the eye makeup techniques for this particular shape, the main goal is to bring the deep set eyes forward to make them more prominent in your facial features. Following are the easy deep set eye makeup steps by following which you can enjoy glamorous open eyes, especially the people with small eyes.

Deep Set Eyes Makeup Tips


Start with a layer of eyeshadow primer around your eyes to make sure all your hard work after this point doesn’t go to waste. It takes just a minute but will ensure your makeup stays put and looks radiant for hours and hours to come.

Highlight Inner Corners

If you want to bring out your deep set eyes, you have to focus on their inner corners. It is basically an extension of the previous step as you need to swipe your brush along the inner corners of your peepers while applying the lightest shade of eye shadow. The trick will highlight every single bit of your deep set eyes by drawing out the color.

Dark Shades

You can then apply a darker shade of eye shadow starting at the outer corner of the eye lid. This will give your eye a pop of color and will also make your eyes stick out a bit more. Make sure that you blend the shades together at the crease line for a makeup look that is cohesive.


Make sure that your foundation base hides your dark circles and discoloration in the beautiful eyes. Not applying a good base can ruin the whole look. Make sure to set the foundation with loose powder to prevent smudging from mascaras and eyeliners.

deep set eyes makeup tips

deep set eyes makeup tips


Whether you’ve got the biggest, brightest eyes in the world or the deepest set ones, it’s impossible to go wrong with a little mascara. Use a tone that will match your hair and coloring (brown if you’re fair and black for anything else) to really bring out your eyes. Use a mascara that adds both volume and length and, if necessary, add a second coat.

Light Shade Shadow

Since deep-set eyes generally have prominent brow bones, you can apply light shade eye shadow over the entire eye lid and brow bone. This can make your eyes appear larger and hide your brow bone. You can choose shades in peach, taupe, or cream.

False Eyelashes

You can apply false eyelashes on your top lash line to add more drama to the eyes. Apply mascara first, then apply the false eyelashes and apply another coat of mascara. Now, curl the eyelashes upward to make the eyes look brighter.

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