Easy Homemade Pedicure Tips for Beautiful Feet

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Pedicure is the perfect and affordable way to keep your nails healthy. The following article tells you about its simple pedicure tips at home.

Pedicure, literally translated means taking care of your feet. Pedicure is one of the ways in which a woman tries to groom herself in a perfect manner. Nails are that aspect of the body that definitely catches attention especially in women. Pedicure is one grooming procedure used equally by men and women to remove the dirt and grime accumulated in the legs and nails and leave it refreshed. Women go an extra mile and use nail colours to make it beautiful and attractive. However, one should keep some pedicure tips handy for maximum benefits. Use this grooming guide to help yourself in this challenge of successful pedicure.

These natural home remedies are simple and easy. Have a look at some of the simple pedicure tips at home. Following are simple and best simple pedicure tips at home.

Simple Pedicure Tips At home:

Easy homemade pedicure tips

Easy homemade pedicure tips

Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey

Dilute one tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Stir it well with a spoon. Pour this over your feet and rub with a soft brush to get shiny and soft feet. This is one of the natural ways to get soft and fair feet.

Foot Scrub

For this mix three tablespoon of oatmeal, two tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoon of milk. Mix them well and rub it on your feet. Gently rub for 15 minutes. Later wash off with warm water. This is one of the best home remedies to get soft and fair feet.

Add Salt In Water

Add some salt in that warm water to soften and cleanse the feet. Let salt dissolve in water. This will help you to clear the dead skin and calluses. Rubbing and massaging the feet with salt will accelerate your peripheral blood flow as well. Salt granules should remove any dead skin for a softer look and touch. You can also use a soft brush to get rid of excess of dead skin

Use Vinegar

In case you did not know, a few drops of vinegar will make wonders with your toenails. You can forget about yellow nails if you wipe them with vinegar. Make sure that your nails are clean, without any transparent nail polish, for this trick to work.

Lemon, Glycerin And Rose Water

Mix together one tablespoon of lemon juice, one table spoon of glycerin and half tablespoon of rose water to make a mixture. Apply this mixture on your feet at bed time and wear socks. This will make your feet soft and this also treats cracked heels. This is one of the best tips to get soft feet overnight.

Add Salt In Water

Add Salt In Water

Orange Peels

Dry some orange peels and after drying them make their powder in a grinder. Mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder with one tablespoon of rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste on your feet and leave it for 15 minutes. Later wash with lukewarm water.

Milk Cream

Massage your dry feet with milk cream after soaking first in shampoo solution. Massage with milk cream for at least 15 minutes to get soft and supple feet. It also treats cracked heels.

Apply Your Base coat

Apply base coat on all your toenails with Nail Polish twice, wait till dry the base coat. Base Coat will prevent you nails from you toenails original color. it will hide your nails yellows color.

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