Choosing the Right Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

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When you're trying to find your best hair color, you should take in account your skin tone, color theory and even science.

Hair colors are a fun and stylish way to express yourself and make a bold fashion statement but often, it is tough to decide on a gutsy color because it’s unimaginable how it will look on different people. But that’s no reason not to experiment! Usually, the factor that affects how well the hair color suits your skin tone is dependent on the undertones of your skin.

Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

The hair colour you wish to flaunt can be a very tricky situation. It can instantaneously transform your look from fabulous to disastrous. How to choose the best hair colour for skin tone. You have a natural factor in the genes that determine your hair, eye and skin colour. This factor determines how your skin will change its colour depending on the weather so you need to be very careful while choosing a colour for your hair.

Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Blonde Hair Colour for dark Skintones

Stick with darker blonde shades on your hair. Remember, you don’t want to move more than two shades from your natural hair color, so if you have dark skin, chances are your hair is naturally darker too. Caramel or golden highlights can be beautiful. You should avoid tones with too much white, platinum or orange because these will look unnatural with your darker skintone.

Red Hair Color medium Skintones

Red hair color for medium skintones Because your skin has more pigments, your hair can too. Opt for a medium coppery blonde to medium auburn shade. Just steer clear of dark eggplant hues as these shades will make your skin appear yellow.

Brown Hair Color

Brown Hair Color

Black Hair Color And Your Skin Tone

Black is a hair color that many everyone dreams about at some point in their life yet very few can actually pull off. You’re probably believing that it’s those of you with warm skin tones who could pull this off best, black is closer to your skin tone after all. If you’re thinking that however you’d be wrong. It’s those girls with cooler skin color who are best suited for black hair. The contrasting colors in skin doesn’t make sure they are look washed out like you may think, in fact it has the opposite effect. Both skin and hair really glow when you combine cool skin color with black hair, providing you with a Snow White effect

Brown Hair Color for light Skintones

Staying within two levels of your natural color most likely means keeping your hair a medium brown shade. Warm red tones can look beautiful as well as lighter strawberry tones, particularly as highlights. Unless you were born with it, avoid really dark hair faired-skinned women usually don’t have enough pigment in their skintone to carry this off.

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