Side Effects, Are Epsom Salts Baths Safe

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Epsom salts refer to a crystallized form of magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring compound that has many health benefits.

Epsom salts are a name provided to a crystallized form of magnesium sulfate, that is available over the counter at pharmacies. Whether used orally or rectally like a laxative, or in bathwater to relieve pains and aches, or as an alternative treatment for autism, epsom salts do pose a danger of side effects in some users.

Side Effects, Are Epsom Salts Baths Safe

Negative effects, Are Epsom Salts Baths Safe

Digestive Effects

Generally if used as directed, Epsom salts pose no medical risk or harmful results. However, possible common negative effects of using Epsom salts may occur once the substance is taken internally, whether it is orally or when taken being an enema. For example, the Mayo Clinic says Epsom salts used like a laxative can produce several negative effects: diarrhea and cramping; excess gas with bloating, and nausea. Epsom salts may also produce the side effect of increasing the sensation of being thirsty. With regards to laxatives, some people may begin to make use of too much of the agent until bowel motions become dependent on drinking the Epsom salts mixture. Based on, Epsom salts ought to be used as a laxative without longer than one week. Don’t use too strong of a combination or overuse the salts.

Epsom Salt and also the Side Effects Upon Use

The Epsom salt bath side effects have to be taken into consideration, seeing that certain effects come up when you over-indulge in this type of bath. The tub is known for agitating allergies where the ones that are connected to sulfur, tend to wind up much more irritated than other forms of allergies. It can bring on an instance of dehydration, and can lead to diarrhea too. Those who want to lose weight may take advantage of its diarrhea inducing effects, but prolonged abuse of these salts aren’t safe or recommended. You should take advice from a doctor before beginning out on the Epsom salt bath. Also be aware that adding Epsom salt to a bath, is really so relaxing that it can put one right into a deep slumber, causing them to drown.

The Benefits of Soaking Up in an Epsom Salt Bath

The portions of salt added, are a couple of cups of Epsom salt to a tub of lukewarm water, where one can saturate yourself with the salts for around 20 – 30 minutes.

  • The benefits of this bath happen to be noted, where it turns out to be a reliable stress reliever.
  • It can eliminate harmful toxins from the body, such as the presence of heavy metals.
  • It can ease up muscle cramps and lower pain caused due to inflammation.
  • It provides good amounts of calcium in to the body, keeping the flow of electrical currents maintained.
  • It can avoid the onset of bad headache attacks like migraines.
  • Even nutrients tend to be better absorbed by the body because of the presence of this important element.
  • It works wonders for diabetics, searching for a way to tone down the effects of diabetes and enhance the body’s ability to use insulin.

The salt gets its name in the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, where these salts are distilled from springs. Becoming an easy skin absorbent, the bath proves to become quite useful and effective. It might make a big difference for those who are magnesium deficient, where once per week is more than sufficient to consider this bath. Doctors advise patients to soak themselves in Epsom salt 72 hours a week, but given the negative effects, one would need to approach this concept with caution. Buying Epsom salt is simple, where these are available in either health or convenient stores, or perhaps some select pharmacies.

Epsom salt can be very harmful to those who do not approach this method with care. Find alternative ways to unwind your body like looking into other soaking salts to help relieve away tensed muscles and frayed nerves. It will help to do research, and consult a physician about starting out on a method not heard of before.

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