6 Essential Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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if you feel uncomfortable with hooded eyes than there are several ways to make tips for hooded eyes look gorgeous.

It can be hard enough to master a smokey eye look or the perfect cat eye under normal circumstances, but for some people the struggle is made even harder by their eye shape. If you have hooded eyes where an extra fold of skin covers the crease of your eyelid, making the lid seem smaller you’ll know all too well how hard it can be to make your eye makeup look good. Eye shadow seems to disappear completely, liquid eyeliner flicks look crooked, and mascara constantly transfers to the brow bone.

Gorgeous women including world’s stunning celebs have hooded eyes. So,if you have hooded eyes, you don’t need to be ashamed of. There are several ways to enhance the appearance of your eyes and to look gorgeous. But the problem is to learn and use of makeup tips for hooded eyes to make them look more awake and wider. Here I have got the tips of eye makeup tips for hooded eyes that I promise you, can make your eyes stand out beautifully.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Sneaky Makeup

By applying a shimmery or shining eye shadow, create an illusion. You can create the illusion of bigger eye lids by using shimmer shadow under the brow. This gives the effect of more space being under your brow and will make it seem more elevated. You can also use other tricks like applying white colored shadow or liner to on the inside and outside of the corner of your eyes.

Eyebrows Upwards

If you want to brighten your face and make it look much better try to brush your eyelashes upwards rather than in a downwards direction. Remember to stroke upwards when applying eye shadow. This is a must do if you want to compensate for hooded eyes. This will make your eyes look much bigger as well and it will give you that perfect arch that is essential for beautiful eyes. This is a double check on the makeup tips for blue eyes or hooded ones tip list.

Liquid Liner

If you like to use a lot of liquid liner on the top lid, you know how often it smears or transfers to your eyebrow if it’s not dry. Liquid liner whether applied with a brush or a pen is going to take some time to get right. The thing to remember is to let it dry completely before you do anything. You may have to leave your head tilted back while it’s drying, or it may smudge and transfer onto your upper lid. You’ll always need to use waterproof liner.

Curling your lashes

To add up a trendy look, put emphasis on your lashes and give them a curl by gently squeezing them. This is another great way to enhance the look of your hooded eyes by making them alive and bigger than they are in reality. Curl your lashes by using a good quality curler before applying mascara and it will be an amazing makeup tips for your hooded eyes. It will give a lift to the hidden eyes and will help to make you look stunning in seconds.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

Invest in an eye primer

Eye primer is optional for those with almond shaped eyes, but it’s a must-have for hooded lids, which have a tendency to smear and smudge eye makeup. Using a primer will prep the skin for eyeshadow and eyeliner application, making it crease less and stay put for a whole lot longer.

Eye Lashes

While adorning your hooded eyes, your prime emphasis should be making them appear wide set and this can be achieved by putting emphases on your eye lashes. Use mascara to impart this effect to your eyes. Remember also when applying makeup tips for green eyes or hooded ones sweep your eyes with the lightest shade of eye shadow. And do it all over your eyes.

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