Funny Easter Love Poems For Kids

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Easter poems for kids can provide a fun outlet that encourages children to take part in this special holiday.

Children are the sweetest creation of the Lord. They become the center of attraction everywhere, especially during festivals and celebrations. Easter, too, carries great importance for children. One of the most common ways of celebrating the occasion is through recitation of poetry. Easter love Poems for kids are conceptualized in a unique way, either carrying colorful designs or rhymes. Most of the schools even compose special Easter poems and songs for the occasion, which are sung on melodious tunes by the kids. This not only adds to the festival fervor, but also sets the mood for the upcoming fiesta. Find some interesting Easter love poems that can be recited to children on the festival of Easter.

Easter Poems For Kids

Easter Poems For Kids

What do your kids know about the Easter holiday? Do they think that Easter is just a special day for family get-togethers and Easter egg hunts? Do they understand the religious connotations? For many families, Easter holiday is just a time to get together with family and friends. The day may be filled with food, fun, and games. For other families, however, Easter holds a deeply religious meaning, with the day beginning at a sunrise service and families dressed in their Sunday best worshipping together.

Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus, for loving me,
You died on the cross, and set me free.
They buried you, and went away,
But you rose again on the third day.
Very soon you will come again,
And I will live with you in heaven.
Thank you for dying on Calvary.
Thank you Jesus, for loving me.

Five Brown Eggs

Five brown eggs in a nest of hay,
One yellow chick popped out to play.
Four brown eggs in a nest of hay,
Another yellow chick cheep-cheeped Good day.
Three brown eggs in a nest of hay,
Crack went another one, Hip hooray.
Two brown eggs in a nest of hay,
One more chick pecked his shell away.
One brown egg in a nest of hay,
The last yellow chick popped out to say,
Happy Easter Day!

Hop, Hop, Hop

Hop, hop, hop,
Hop my bunny hop,
Hop along my little bunny
You look sweet and very funny

Look and see,
Where the eggs may be,
Here is one and here’s another,
Here’s a lovely one for mother.

Let us look and see,
Where the eggs may be.
Here, there, where are they
Let’s find out on Easter Day

Easter Bunny

Two Long ears,
four strong legs,
bring us eggs.
Easter Bunny.
Easter Bunny
Easter bunny
Easter Bunny


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