Birthday Scrapbook Ideas: Creative Birthday Photo Album

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Birthdays are joyful events that come once a year. You can make the occasion even more joyous by gifting a birthday scrapbook. This article provides some birthday scrapbook ideas.

Birthdays are special not only for those celebrating it, but also for the people related to them. Kids birthday parties are planned elaborately, the cakes are special-ordered, and lots of fun themes are designed. Gifts are planned months in advance just to capture the smile or a small tear of joy in the corner of the eye of our loved ones.

Gifts are planned based on the age, likes, wants, and desires of the birthday boy or girl. Birthday scrapbooks really are a unique and expressive method to show our love and choose to our loved ones. Below are some creative birthday scrapbooking ideas.

Birthday Scrapbook Ideas

Birthday Scrapbook Ideas


Year in Review

How about making a birthday scrapbook to memorize all of the remarkable happenings of the previous year. Photos taken anytime and anywhere can be used. Just use them to memorize the growing life! If you are designing a birthday scrapbook for a kid, you can use the photos drawn in different time in his developmental milestones, school life, etc. around the scarpbook layout.

Get Some Birthday Wishes

Let the birthday scrapbook be filled with well desires to show love and look after the the guest of honor. You are able to let your family members or friends express their love and care by writing some notes, emailing some photos taken with the birthday honoree to memorize the happy time they spent together in the past.

Make a Timeline Album

What is a timeline album? A timeline birthday scrapbook album is a tribute scrapbook that memorizes the becoming an adult of the honoree. You can gather all photos and texts from long sometime ago to present that can indicates important era of the honoree’s life and make a scrapbook from them. Arrange them in chronological order with various topic for every year. You can add some cute titles to describe the photos to make the scrapbook more interesting. Any honoree will certainly be touched by this kind of birthday scrapbook!

Commemorate Birthday Parties

You are able to collect all the photos from the previous birthday celebrations and gather these to make a “Big” birthday scrapbook! It’s a good way to look back one’s life in addition to a great memoir for the present birthday. You can even add some previous birthday cards, envelopes, etc. towards the scrapbook. Remember to add some text to show your care and love.

Layout Ideas

Birthday scrapbook layout ideas are important as they are the center point of your work. The layout helps you showcase just one photograph surrounded by other supportive photographs. It also helps move the center of attention away from the page design and towards your photographs, letters, and testimonials.

Birthday scrapbook layout ideas

Birthday scrapbook layout ideas

The basic layout consists of a main photograph and 2 smaller photographs. They should be situated in such a way that the main photograph may be the first to draw attention. The background color should not merge using the colors in the photographs. Contrasting colors help the photos stand out.

The other layout idea is applying symmetrical or asymmetrical layout designs. You are able to arrange all the elements on one side and fill up the other side with bold, artistic designs. The mirror-image from the page layout is created around the opposite page. This layout becomes predictable as each page design would be the same as the other. The asymmetrical layout creates designs which are different from one another. You can use many colors and embellishments to produce a visually appealing layout.

Choose colors which help create a happy and emotional mood. Black and white photographs go well with any color combination. Make the colors interact with each other so that it makes your scrapbook look more exiting and fun.

Involve others in allowing the birthday scrapbook. Ask the siblings, grandchildren, children, and closest friends to brighten one page dedicated to the connection shared by them with the birthday boy/girl.

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