Way To Create A Homemade Scrapbook Album

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Making a homemade scrapbook or photo album is a great way to remember and commemorate the special times in your life.

Creating a handmade scrapbook album constitutes a treasured item even more special. It is a great way to recycle a few things that normally get disposed of. Cardboard, leftover fabric, greeting cards from years past and paper grocery bags can be used to create special scrapbooks. There is no better way to spend a relaxing evening through the fireplace during the winter than browsing a scrapbook of photos and memorabilia from the baseball-filled summer or an adventure-filled summer camp stay.

Way To Create A Homemade Scrapbook Album

Way To Create A Homemade Scrapbook Album

You can make a homemade scrapbook or photo album using scrapbook paper, an opening puncher, wrapping paper, a pencil, cardboard, glue, scissors and ribbon. You may also use brown paper bags or paint to pay for the cardboard outside of your homemade scrapbook or photo album.

Begin by assembling the scrapbook paper inside a neat stack. Lay the cardboard over the paper and trace the perimeters. Cut the cardboard so you’ve at least half an inch extra cardboard on top, bottom, and right side. Lay the cut piece of cardboard on the top of another piece of cardboard and cut the 2nd piece to match the first. This is the front and back cover of your homemade scrapbook or photo album.

Consider choosing a theme. Some people just like having a theme for the whole scrapbook, while others rather have a theme for every page. When you begin out, a theme per page may well be a better idea, so you do not have to splash out on a scrapbook for every theme.

Tips to Make a Photo Album

Given below is a list of things necessary to make a photo album.

  • Sewing needle
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Photo album with spiral binding
  • Craft batting
  • Fabric to bind the album
  • Scrap paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbons (one meter long and something inch wide)

The initial step is batting the coverage of the album. Stick to the steps given below:

Cutting The material and Batting

Start out by cutting the batting. Lay the batting down flat inside your work surface. Place the 3 ring binder on top of the batting and open the binder, laying it flat. Fold the batting in on sides (back and front), so that the batting covers the exterior and inside. Trim the batting over the edges of the binder, keeping as near the binder as possible. Trim any excess batting therefore the batting ends just short of the rings inside the binder. You can now use the batting just like a pattern for the fabric. Fold the batting in half and lay it around the fold of the fabric. Please note the material needs to be larger than the batting to complement the fabric to be folded and secured. Add approximately 1 inch along the length of the batting on the sides.

Securing the Fabric and Batting

Lay the fabric out flat (no folds) inside your work surface with the wrong side up. Center the batting flat (no folds) on top of the fabric. Center the 3 ring binder open on top of the fabric and batting. Starting round the back side of the binder, fold the fabric and batting over the back of the binder until it lays flat and leads to the rings of the binder. Manage a bead of glue as close to the rings as you can on the back side. Slide the benefit of the fabric under the rings, and rehearse the Popsicle stick to press in place. Repeat on the front side, ensuring the material is taunt but not so taunt to prevent the binder from closing. You might want to trim off a little excess fabric to get the right fit. Repeat the gluing process round the front the same way that you did the trunk. The fabric should come within a ¼ inch of meeting beneath the binder rings.

Securing the Edges

The sides are going end up on the inside of the scrapbook, as well as the lace or trim will probably be used to disguise the “seams.” You’ll be securing one side at any given time (either the very best or bottom first). Keeping the binder open, tuck the best layer of fabric under the batting however of the binder all the way across. This can be going to create a folded mitered edge over the corners. Depending on the material, you might want to secure the fabric with a few drops of glue. Once you have the fabric tucked, you are going to be employed in ½ inch increments, making sure to keep the fabric straight. (Don’t forget to create use of the Popsicle stick instead of your fingers to press the 2 fabrics together.) You will simply fold the leading side of the fabric over to the inside and secure with glue. Repeat in the base side of the scrapbook.

Attaching the Lace or Trim

You have to start the lace or trim at the conclusion of the scrapbook, centered below the binder rings. Secure it for the edge with a continuous line of glue. You might like to work in 1 to 2 inch sections, it’s also wise to use the Popsicle stick to secure the lace/trim for the scrapbook. Continue gluing the lace/trim all over the edge, until you return to your place to start. When using lace, you can simply overlap the lace for around a half inch and secure with glue for the edge of the lace. When working with trim, cut the trim to where the two ends of trim will see. Use glue to secure the sides of trim to prevent raveling and connect the 2 ends together. The “seam” needs to be unnoticeable.

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