Simple Easter Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Easter decorating ideas are fun and simple. Easter decoration ideas don’t have to be elaborate or difficult. There are some very simple ways to celebrate the season.


Easter is considered to be one of the important festivals for the Christian community. It is celebrated with immense joy and pleasure all over the world. On the occasion of this festival, the joyous celebrations are accompanied by feasting get-togethers and renovation of the home-décor. The blooming spring season makes Easter, the perfect occasion to spruce up one’s home decor. Easter decoration should imbibe various spring colors and popular Easter symbols. One can either shop for Easter decoration items or make one’s own craft. The purpose should be to lend a touch of spring to the home décor through Easter decorations. Explore here some interesting tips for Easter season home décor.

Colourful Egg Crates

Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Decorating Ideas

Once you are done with decorating the eggs, start painting the egg crates that are kept in your kitchen drawers. Paint it with a single base colour like beige or golden. This crate when painted will be a perfect holder for the eggs you painted before. The contrast of pastel colours and light coloured crate will add a glamour to your living room.

Easter Egg Candles

Besides being the main Easter motive, eggs can also be used as a means of illumination. Cute egg shaped candles in pastel colors will look great both as a part of an Easter table centerpiece or as an independent decoration item. Besides just being lovely, these candles look delicate and even romantic

Wheat Grass Table Centerpiece

Having a table centerpiece makes every meal special. One of our favorite ideas that can be used for many party occasions is a wheat grass centerpiece. Add different details to make your table centerpiece beautiful and appropriate for this or that occasion. As to Easter, chocolate bunnies, eggs (both egg shells and wooden ones will do), real and silk flowers, paper carrots, sweets and even small candles can be used for decoration. Note that wheat seeds take about ten days to sprout.

Cushion Covers

Easter decorations can be very easy by just focusing your attention on the couch in your living room. Bring home few jute cushion covers that are easily available in the market near your house and are inexpensive. They will surely give a new look to your couch.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Bunny And Bunny Ears

Bunny makes a house livelier, even ears of the creature are good decoration ideas. You can place it on the mantelpiece, on the door, dining tables, wardrobe, and cloth hangers. Bunny ears can be put up at various places. Use ears of different sizes and colors. This adds variety to decoration. You can put bunny ears on other animal goodies as well.

Fresh Flowers

Spring and Easter always bring thoughts of fresh flowers, so use them to your advantage when decorating for Easter. Place a clear bud vase with one cut tulip and some fresh greenery in your guest bathroom for an elegant touch. Use flowers blooming in your garden as a very inexpensive Easter decorating idea. Don’t just use typical vases, however, as decorative tins and boxes can make interesting flower arrangements. If you don’t have access to fresh flowers, group several small potted plants in a basket surrounded by artificial grass as an interesting table top display.

These are some ideas. You can improvise on them to create your own. Discuss it with your family you will get variety of decoration suggestions.

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