Beautiful Valentines Day Scrapbook Ideas

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Valentines Day scrapbooking layouts are incredibly easy to create for the pages of your scrapbook.

Valentine’s Day scrapbooking and crafting focus on scrapbook pages and greeting cards about love and friendship. These articles will help you make love-themed scrapbook pages, mini scrapbooks full of photos of loved ones, Valentine’s Day cards, and much, much more. Here are some ideas for creating unique valentine’s day scrapbook.

Beautiful Valentines Day Scrapbook Ideas

Beautiful Valentines Day Scrapbook Ideas

Cover Themes

The coverage of a Valentine scrapbook can set the theme for the whole book. The Smilebox website suggests “A Love Story,” with every word written on a scalloped pink rectangle. “Crazy Love,” another suggestion, features each of those nine letters printed on individual squares of printed newspaper. The Love Story cover could have a chronological history of a relationship, using photos and words, perhaps with personal commentary and stories of past Valentine’s Day celebrations. The Crazy Love theme could include memories and photos of wacky experiences and inside jokes that the couple shares.

Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes give a personalized touch to a Valentine’s Day scrapbook. Centered on a pastel-striped page and decorated with tiny heart stickers, a unique note created just for the scrapbook may be used or perhaps a love letter from years ago. The Scrapbooks Etc. website suggests scanning oversize notes, reducing their size and creating a copy so that you can hang on towards the original.

Valentine Rainbow Colors

Pink and red are naturals for a Valentine’s Day scrapbook. One variation is to carry that idea a little farther with a rainbow of related colors for that background of each page, for example those designed by the Celebrating Valentine’s Day website. One possible selection might start with deep violet followed by purple, lavender, light pink, rose, burgundy and red. On each page, use snippets of colors in the previous page for accents.


Photographs is one of the most important items for a Valentines scrapbook layout. Incorporate photos that were taken on Valentines day, whether they are of only you significant other at dinner or your child writing out Valentines cards for their classmates.

Metallic Pens

Metallic gel pens are great for writing on top of dark colored printed paper or perhaps directly onto photographs. If you wish to add a personal hand-written touch to every of your pages, use metallic gel pens. For lighter papers, embossing pens and souffle pens are another choice to consider, and will give your writing a three-dimensional and waxy looking finish.

Card Collection

A scrapbook full of simple Valentine’s Day cards packs a punch once the cards are embellished having a variety of decorative accents. Craftbits suggests using puffy paint that’s applied and then dried having a hair dryer. Other embellishments for cards include sequins, fabric trims, stickers, felt shapes and beads.

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