Awesome Fun And Easy Summer Crafts For Kids

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Kids' crafts for summer are a great way to get your little ones away from technology and engage them in something more interactive.

Summer Crafts

Summer Crafts

Summer is such a fun time for the entire family and its a great time of the year for crafts too! We have plenty of summer crafts for kids of all ages that you will enjoy doing with your little ones. We’ve some toddler summer crafts as well as some for older children. Put idle hands to operate this summer, creating fun and different crafts, ideal for children of all ages and skill levels.

Try to look for a craft that appeals to your child’s interest. If your little one is outdoorsy, build a birdhouse. If he or she prefer to stay indoors, the two of you can make a summer scrapbook. Plus there is no reason why crafts can’t be fun and educational simultaneously. We’ve got plenty of ideas including sun crafts, ice cream cone crafts, beach crafts and many more so simply take a look below and start crafting with your kids.

Sunflower Craft

Sunflowers that reach in to the sky are one of our favorite areas of summer. So what could be a better craft than the usual sunflower craft made with real sunflower seeds. This is a simple summer craft for kids which makes a wonderful decoration as well.

Homemade Finger Paint

It is always fun to paint with this fingers! Painting activities can be an excellent activity for both children and adults (don’t deny this!). Instead of giving them an elaborate set of brushes, allow them to run their little fingers with the paint and make some finger paint masterpieces! What you’ll need: water (3 cups), corn flour (1 cup), natural food colouring, along with a saucepan! Don’t forget to store the paint within the refrigerator!

Beach in a Jar

Bring a smidge of summer days in the beach or lake indoors by crafting a whimsical Beach inside a Jar. This craft is simple to construct, which makes it suitable for all ages, and results in a unique knick knack to display on the shelf or give like a gift.

Bubble Wrap Beehive Craft

Bubble wrap, paint and our provided template allow it to be easy to put together this cute summer kids craft. The bubble wrap is an excellent stamp that gives the beehive an enjoyable look. The addition of fingerprint bees makes this summer craft better still.

Letter C Crab Craft

C is for crab and our easy letter craft provides you with all the steps to create a crab in the letter C itself. Use our provided template, just a little glue and a couple googly eyes to produce your very own crab craft. It’s a great letter craft, summer craft, or ocean animal craft that even young children will love making.

Rain Sticks

Now work its magic to summon up some fun under the sun! What you’ll need: aluminum foil, cardboard tube, and then any type of seeds: rice, lentils, popcorn is going to do. You can decorate them after with paint or just like a collage, these are very easy to make and extremely sound like rain!

Summer Glow Lantern Craft

Light up the night time with this beautiful lantern. Children of all ages may have fun creating their custom lanterns from the glass jar, tissue paper, and markers. Watch in delight as night falls and children see their lanterns brighten up a dark window or perhaps an outdoor patio.

Wire Hanger Windsock

Nothing says summer like a sparkly and colorful windsock blowing within the warm breeze. Create a fanciful outdoor showpiece designed with its own built-in hook, making it easy to display. A Wire Hangar Windsock is simple for kids to construct with minimal supervision.

Sun Catcher Sun

Use our free template, some contact paper and tissue paper to produce a very cute sun shaped sun catcher craft! This cute summer craft is simple enough for very young children to do as the contact paper takes away the messy glue factor. All children have to do to make this fun summer craft would be to stick the tissue paper pieces towards the contact paper and the final result is perfect every time.

Summer Crafts For Kids

Summer Crafts For Kids

Recycled Art Paper Chains

If your children prefer to get their creative juices flowing, the chances are you have tons of funky art work available your house. Instead of throwing them or accumulating piles and piles of papers in memory boxes, why don’t you turn them into decorative paper chains like a fun crafty activity? What you’ll need: 10 to 15 pieces of art work, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, staples or double sided tape.

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