Christmas Vacation Ideas

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Take your family to a Christmas vacation destination, exactly where all of you may forget the boredom of everyday existence and invest a tranquil and pleasant vacation.

Christmas vacation ideas are one of the best ways to get creative and take advantage of the holiday season or the kids’ break from school. Whether you are a family looking to get away on the family vacation, a couple planning a honeymoon vacation or any other romantic getaway, or a number of friends, the week between Christmas and New Years has steadily been a popular week for vacations. Instead of spending the holiday at home this year, why not pick from the list of top ten Christmas destinations? Choose between ski vacations and surfing trips, snow or sand, which holiday will be a unique celebration that the family or friends will remember for many years to come. Don’t forget to bring along the vacation cheer!

The best places to go for Christmas are highly subjective depending on the individual traveler. While the destination can vary, there are certain amenities that most individuals will have in common this time of year. During a holiday, many travelers prefer vacation rentals over expensive hotels. Christmas vacations are different from any other type of vacation, because most families will want to spend significant quality time together in the comfort of a vacation home or condo rental. You’ll be doing less site seeing, less eating out, and less activities than during other kinds of trips, so be sure that your accommodation feels safe and offers plenty of living space. A kitchen, fireplace, whirlpool bath, along with other amenities can also help to create the best places to go for Christmas.

Christmas Family Vacation Ideas

Christmas Vacation Ideas

Christmas Vacation Ideas

If you want to go with your kids, consider taking them to Disneyland. It is definite that they would love to freak out in the destination. Enjoying high thrill rides with your loved ones will truly be an experience memorable for the lifetime. Disneyland is beautifully decorated on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, which adds to its popularity as one of the most chosen holiday destinations during the festive season. If you want to spend a peaceful Christmas vacation with no crowded locales and noisy surroundings, then plan a laid back trip to an exotic island. Bahamas (Caribbean), Iceland (Europe), Bali (Asian Pacific), Bora Bora (Australian Pacific), Maui (Hawaii) are some of the chosen island destinations for spending a peaceful vacation with family. Plan a trip to a beach resort for Christmas. Choose one that has an amusement park as well so that the kids can have the fun of their lives. Don’t worry if you can’t find an amusement park; the beach is enough to excite your kids during the vacation. This Christmas, go to some of the famous tourist destinations like places like Europe, Australia and South Asia. Each place is special in its own terms. It is definite that the destinations would offer myriad tourist attractions as well. You will get to experience a different kind of Christmas, when you visit the aforementioned Locations. Always make advance bookings to the hotels or inn, during Christmas.

Christmas Vacation Travel

Christmas Travel destinations are one of the things we daydream about must. Busting out a street map in the middle of the town square, pouring over guidebooks like they were the Dead Sea Scrolls, listening to the white noise of foreign tongues as you try to understand a strange subway system—some people just love to travel. And there is no shortage of possible travel destinations in the world, no matter where you hail from, even a jaunt into the nearby mountains or desert or national park can be a great way to see the world around you. And when you are talking about adventures destinations, travel just got a little more exciting.Bungee jumping originated in New Zealand, and what better place to take your first jump than the land where it was invented? One of the quickest growing adventure destinations, travel to New Zealand can include diversions like skydiving, paragliding, kayaking or a number of other activities to work your adrenal glands. This country isn’t just about sheep farming anymore.


The town has a nice old world feel, and also the coziness of New England. The streets of Beacon hill dusted inside a light coating of snow creates a picture perfect holiday getaway. Exchange your traditional Christmas Eve or Christmas day dinner for any Boston roasted lobster, plus some Boston clam chowder!


Another place where one can escape the cold if you like warm weather to cold. Miami has everything with it’s beautiful beaches and undeniable nightlife. Enjoy some “rays” while going for a stroll down Ocean Drive, or grab a chair and revel in a drink at a sidewalk cafe before Christmas dinner. Exchange your traditional Christmas dinner for many tasty authentic Cuban food!

Christmas in Europe

For most North Americans, the charm of a visit to Europe is the chance to experience a country’s rich culture, and what better time of year for Europe than Christmas, a time full of special traditions, celebrations, decorations, and seasonal warmth? You might sip hot chocolate at a Christmas market, or listen to a choir in a midnight service at a medieval cathedral Even the storefronts, all decorated for the season, can be an experience. As a bonus, families traveling to experience Christmas in Europe can find lower-priced airfares and stay in hotels with off-season rates. From carolers under lamplights to figgy pudding, much of the way picture Christmas comes from Victorian England. Head over to London and imagine you’re on Bob Cratchit’s street, and enjoy seasonal fun such as carol-singing at Trafalgar Square and ice-skating at outdoor rinks. Don’t miss this fun tradition in London: Christmas Grottosat major department stores, with elves and decorations, and Santa of course.

New York City Christmas Events

Christmas Vacation Ideas - New York City Christmas Events

Christmas Vacation Ideas - New York City Christmas Events

Christmas time is the very best time to visit New York City according to many travel experts and visitors. More than any other time in the year, the city is alive with excitement and events. There are so many reasons to visit, New York Christmas travel has become the most popular season of the year for visitors. Christmas time in New York City is incredibly special. The Christmas season in New York is nearly two months long. Starting in early November, Christmas in New York lasts until early January. That gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the city at it’s best at Christmastime. New York Christmas travel is so special because there is something for everyone: couples, families, children, teens, young, mature, friends and grandparents. There is no other city in the world with more to do at Christmas then right here in New York City! NYC is the one place you want to visit at Christmas: the lights, the storefront window displays, the special events, the Christmas shows, the shopping, the dining, the skating, the crowds smiling and laughing and more-it’s very, very special What makes a New York Christmas travel unique starts with the setting: New York City. There is no place like NYC- so much to see and do, the excitement, the fun, the people and the visitors from all over the world. Every neighborhood has its own ways to celebrate.

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