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World’s Best Travel Destinations is a new series where we go into more detail, not just on where to go but also what to do when you get there.

It is difficult sometimes to choose the right month to consider full advantage of a unique and wonderful summer vacation, due to

Thailand Vacation Destination

Thailand Vacation Destination

a couple of factors. First, the mid-summer offers the highest temperatures of the year, but all of the coastal resorts and beaches are overcrowded. Second, most of the workplaces are still occupied at first of the summer, while the weekend is insufficient for an absolutely relaxation.

Thus comes no more the summer, when you can take full advantage of some of the most tempting settings for your long-awaited vacation. Such a great choice is the month of September, when most of the hotel resorts and recreation sites are less crowded, the costs are lower, the air temperature is lower, but the water continues to be warm and the sunshine continues to be caressing. However, these are only a few examples why to select September for your vacation. There are many places all over the world, which provide fabulous options to have a really fantastic experience after the summer with all your family or beloved, for example.


Thailand is a great international destination that suffered greatly after the big tsunami, but it is back and thriving! Because the number of tourist has drastically been down, prices are better than ever and the beaches won’t be as crowded. Thailand is full of fascinating culture and great food, plus it is super economical Hotel Reservations!


Japan is yet another Asian hot spot. It might surprise you to understand that this hard-working country features the best ski slopes in the world! But that’s why they’ve twice been the location of the Winter Olympics. They’re attracting ski buffs everywhere and rapidly being a popular place to vacation. For spouses who aren’t interested in snow and cold, there is hot springs to relax in.


London is the best place for party animals. The town features world-famous night clubs that go all night long, as well as some great historical sights should you aren’t too hung over the next morning! This British destination can also be home to some of the world’s

London Vacation Destination

London Vacation Destination

best restaurants too. The great thing is that you can almost always find Cheap hotel reservation with incredible discounts to fly to England.

Crete, Greece, Europe

Crete is among the most beautiful Greek islands, but no doubt – it is the largest one. On the island of Crete you can take full advantage of numerous luxury city resorts or smaller and private coastal communities, which can satisfy the most capricious tastes. The usual Mediterranean climate provides a bit cooler air temperature in September, as the water temperature is still over 24-25 degrees Celsius. The coastal areas are the most useful choices for your vacation, if you want to enjoy countless water sports and attractions and, plus, this island is most famous for its gorgeous white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. When the sun goes down, the night life on the island can also be fantastic, while the cool coastal breeze is truly invigorating.

La Paz, Bolivia, South America

La Paz is really a large city, situated in the foot of a steep mountain range in western Bolivia, South America. This is one of the hottest destinations in the world to choose for your vacation in September. Actually, the weather in La Paz features relatively low air temperatures, due to the dramatic location of the city. It’s situated at an elevation of over 3,500 meters, which means no more than 16 degrees Celsius in September with really low rainfalls. What a tempting choice to have a relaxing and refreshing vacation? Not to mention that in La Paz you can come across a number of historical landmarks, recreations sites and countless stunning vistas from the mountain splendor.

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