Italian Sports Apparel Brands Flattering Fashion Trends

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The trendy durable clothes made from high-tech sports fabrics are the highlight of the products from the top Italian sports brands.


According to the worldwide economic trends report of The Economist in 2004, it was predicted that the sportsperson will be the new fashion brand ambassadors in the coming years. They include athletes, tennis & soccer players. This prediction may have seem to change the definition of the fashion in sports as is evident today with major brands including the latest trendy and stylish sports wears for sale on their product categories meant for common public. The trendy durable clothes made from high-tech sports fabrics are the highlight of the products from the top Italian sports brands.

Italian Sports Apparel

Cloth collection from Lotto

A good example of this trend is Lotto Italian sports apparel. This year, they are making waves with an athletic fashion line from Avril Lavine.

Levine’s section of the website has cute clothes for kids and teens with an ad line that says that it is, “A collaboration that celebrates the union of two souls, rock and fashion, for a new edgy rock style perfect for the spirit of the Far East markets, which are dynamic and in constant evolution.”

Lotto-Levine line is only available to Chinese markets. On the other hand, the rest of their extensive line is available to North Americans.

On their main page, Lotto sells apparel for soccer, tennis, running, and also carries the original Zhero Gravity laceless soccer boot-shoe. Hipster-leaning hi-tops as part of the leisure collection are the eye catchers for the North Americans who are looking for colorful clothes.

Shoe collection from Diadora

Their heritage shoe collection is in delicate colors that match everything you own. One special touch that you will not see elsewhere is the 1980s Velcro two straps design.

Swimsuit wear from Colmar

Men’s “Perfect Fit” swimming shorts are tailored and pleasing with a button and zipper. In addition, there are some styles that have a handy Velcro outer pocket around the bottom edge of one leg.

Apparel line from Chervo

Geared toward men and women, Chervo has the perfect blend of jaw-dropping cuts and colors with the appearance of being as comfortable as your favorite workout gear. Chervo’s golf apparel line for men and women is likely to become an American trend over the next year.

Sportswerar from Ellesse

The sportswear at Italy’s Ellesse are somewhat oddly paired shorts with lightly woven sweaters from their Heritage Collection.Their recent claim to fame is designing for part of the Madrid Open and this apparel kit reflects their current pastels and marine Sport Della Vita line.

Finally, unique 2012 Ellesse summer sportswear includes polo shirts that are part of a joint effort with Piaggio motor scooters for their anniversary celebration.

Online Search & Purchase

Despite the frustration of locating Italian sports apparel online, the best part is that most of these top brands have websites that allow Americans to order. Unfortunately, in the case of Lotto, their fashionable sportswear from Italy cannot be ship directly to the U.S.

  • When you have your heart set on a specific style, do not lose hope on barriers with shipping from Italy to the U.S. Instead, look for stores on the brand website in the U.K., U.S., Canada, or Mexico. After all, they list their phone numbers on those websites for a reason — so do not feel like you will look bizarre if you give them a call and ask them to place an order for you.
  • It is strange that it was so difficult to find a guide to sportswear from Italy for 2012. For this reason, if you would like to find more Italian sports apparel brands online, try searching with the keywords; SS 2012, SS12, lookbook, and Italia. Using these particular keywords will bring potential brands to the top of the search engine results.
  • Since these terms are repeatedly used throughout the Italian sportswear websites, it is safe to assume that these words relate to catalog collections for the current year. During colder months, you will have to substitute ‘SS’ for ‘AW’ (Autumn/Winter).

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