Top 7 Easter Egg Games for Kids

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Keep the Easter fun going and going with these fun ideas for indoor and outdoor games.

Kids love Easter and understandably so. There are usually colorful eggs, treats of all types and lots of games to play. In fact, Easter is one of those days when mom and dad even visit join in the fun! Below are few games for kids that anyone would enjoy on Easter.

Games for Kids of All Ages

While you gather a list of games together, make sure to choose Easter and spring games that are appropriate for kids of all ages, including the adults. Young children have to be supervised when playing games with older kids, because the older children may be more competitive. Pair children up or divide them into age ranges before sending them to play games to help eliminate any problems. Possess a list of games ready to go if your Easter plans include lots of children.

Top 7 Easter Egg Games for Kids

Top 7 Easter Egg Games for Kids

Egg Toss

Egg toss games is often as messy as the Easter party warrants. Eggs used could be hardboiled (less mess) or not (very messy!). Pair up people and also have them stand about a foot away from each other. With every successful toss of the egg, the pair must take a step back before throwing it again. When the egg is dropped or breaks, the pair is out. The last pair left benefits.Keep plenty of towels on hand for quick clean-up if eggs aren’t hardboiled! Another quick clean-up option is at hand out oversized junk shirts to kids to slide on over their clothing.

Easter egg race

Divide children into two teams. Give each child a tablespoon along with a bucket full of plastic or hardboiled Easter eggs. Place large Easter baskets ten or twenty yards away from each child. Possess the children place an egg around the spoon, and then holding the finish of the spoon in their mouths, walk over the yard to put the egg within the basket. No hands allowed. Anyone who drops an egg has to start over.

Egg Roll

This one is generally done indoors on the slick surface such as a linoleum floor. Place an egg on the ground at a starting line and come up with a method for rolling it over the floor. The best method is with your nose only. Then the various contestants need to use that method to get their egg over the conclusion line. There are many variations of this, but rolling an egg is really a tough thing to do in one direction regardless. This is great fun with kids.

Easter Egg Hunt

Place dyed eggs (chocolate eggs often attract ants) in various hiding spots during your garden or home. Provide each child by having an Easter egg basket and set a time limit of Fifteen minutes. The child who gathers the best number of eggs receives a chocolate prize.

Egg and Spoon Race Game

Egg and Spoon Race Game

Spoon Race

This really is another Easter classic but with less chance of you getting dirty. Choose a start and finish line and put your raw egg on the spoon. Then you have to run to the finish line (walk, hop or whatever you choose) without touching the egg. The balancing act makes this nearly impossible but it’s fun to watch folks try. A damaged egg means you are out of the competition.

Jellybean hunt

Hide jellybeans all over your home after which set the kids loose with baskets. Make sure some are easy to find for younger kids, plus some are in more challenging places for older kids. Quote that you could be finding jellybeans in interesting places for weeks in the future.

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