Modern Living Room Design

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Modern living room design is the contemporary living room style which simply made for the modern people in the world.

A modern living room with its straightforward and pleasing towards the eye design is gaining its popularity nowadays. Not just that it gives bigger and cleaner impression inside your living room, it also gives out a high end design which your friends and relatives will envy about whenever the enter your living room. If you don’t know what to do, these are some modern living room design ideas for the references.

Modern Living Room Design

Modern Living Room Design

Function is important if we are talking about modern living room design ideas. We need meticulous planning on what we will do and just what are the things we need as well as in which manners we will insert them in it. If you need it to entertain your friends and relatives, you might need to have a TV set inside your living room so it will have a double be the lounging and welcoming space. If you want it to be a welcoming place only, you may only need some basic elements like a couch and coffee table. Consider the size and budget too given that they decide on what kind of living room and how many furniture as well as in what models your may have.

Interior Design Ideas for a Modern Living Room

The living room, needless to say, may be the first impression, that a guest has of the home, and its inhabitants. And like every other room of the house, there are specific aspects of a living room, that make up the fundamentals of the décor and overall look. These fundamentals are the colors, design (design and decorating), and also the furniture used in the room. In the proceeding paragraphs, we’ll give you some ideas on how you’ll have a smashing modern living room. So, read on, and mark your favorites!


Getting the right living room color scheme goes quite a distance in making the room look beautiful and welcoming. And having furniture, and other accessories in the room, either to complement or contrast these living room colors, is yet another factor that plays an important role, in contributing to the aesthetic value of the area. For instance, in a modern living room, you can explore the next options.

  • You can have three walls painted inside a light color, and the fourth one out of a dark color.
  • You may also have the entire room painted see how to avoid pastel shades, and have contrasting dark drapes and curtains, and furniture in the room.
  • You can also have designs painted on a single wall of your living room, like light green vines, on the dark green wall, or the other way around. You can try silver stars on a black wall, too.


Following the colors, the next step that follows, may be the designing and decorating of the living room. Whether it’s a small living room design, or a large living room design, you’ve so many options to choose from. So if you feel creative enough, you can develop your own, unique living room interior design ideas. Check out some mentioned below.

  • You might have an Asian themed modern living room, using deep tones of red, and gold. Have Oriental décor, throughout the
    decorating of the living room

    decorating of the living room

    house, to give it an authentic look and feel. You are able to enhance it further with ceiling designs. Be mindful, so that you don’t go overboard, or perhaps your living room may end up looking like an Asian restaurant!

  • You may also choose an über slick living room design, having a semi-circular, 8 seater sofa. An enclosed book shelf, along with a modern fireplace, are the other must-haves with this idea!
  • Another idea,is to establish a focus in your living room. Anything, except the customary couch. What about a huge antique painting, right in the center of the room, hung on a glass wall, that separates the diner, the seating area, and the entertainment unit!


Following the designs for the living room, the next thing you need to do, is come up with appropriate living room decorating ideas. You can test out one of the options given below.

  • Have a style of lights for your living room. Have lamp shades, chandeliers, along with other light fixtures, in the room! Place them at strategic points, so the room does not end up appearing like a lights shop!
  • Another living room decorating idea, would be to have some pretty potted plants, within the room. Small flowering plants, and pretty vines, hanging in the windows, will give the room an awesome, and calming effect!

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