Luxury Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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The bedroom interior design is one of the most important home interior designs that give a direct contribution to the home occupants.

Bedroom is one the most vital room of our home where we take rest. Perfect bedroom of your home shows the personality and also the

 Luxury Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

living way of the person. Our bedroom adds the private taste of the user for that specific room. The interior design of your bedroom must be in a way that it suits to your personality and attitude.

Style Bedroom

Should there be questions about how to decorate a double bedroom, it’s interesting that the couple investigate there and visiting several stores furniture and decoration, reaching a contract on what style of room they need. There are various themes to decorated double room, such as the minimalist, romantic, contemporary and classic. The option can be made to the style the couple wishes, provided that it follows and not overdo it in the choices.


Flooring sets the tone to the room. Wood can make it more cozy and home-like however it can still look luxurious with rich colors and also the right finishes. The stone tiles can also add cold beauty and luxury towards the design but in order to make it a little more cozy use rugs and carpets.

Wall Coverings

Lavish wall coverings can also add texture and shine towards the decor. There are plenty of options that adjust in colors, textures, patterns and finishes. Luxurious wall coverings will prove to add special feeling to the room. 3D wall coverings add structural detail towards the room while trim work make walls look more elaborate and rich.


Furniture is essential in bringing in much of the luxury towards the decor. Ornate furniture adds opulence towards the room as in Art Deco but if you need to keep it more simple and yet luxurious go for sleek designs and fine materials like leather, wood, along with other.

Oversize Headboard

Adding an oversize headboard for your bedroom will create a design statement. It calls for making a timber frame and stretching padding and fabric across it to obtain a sumptuous finish. Alternatively you could utilize a stretched canvas artwork or perhaps a decorative wall hanging. Here, dimensions are important. Your headboard must be at least as wide because the bed and could reach halfway as much as the ceiling, or even completely depending on how much of a statement you need to make. You could use this headboard instead of a typical bed headboard or in addition to a set bed frame head.

Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design

Decorative Storage

Make a feature out of those things that everyone has in a bedroom, but that are usually packed or stashed. You can turn anything right into a work of art. Transform a life-size wooden mannequin, body form or dressmaker’s dummy right into a focal point in your room using the addition of the clothes and accessories you want to wear the next day, or an outfit you’ve selected for a party or evening out. Arrange earrings and other jewellery on the large cork board with a decorative frame or color code shoes transparent boxes around you frame.

Hidden Television

Most people will admit they enjoy to watch television in bed, but few may wish to have a television set on display. Using the invention of flat LCD TVs nowadays there are many more possibilities for hiding the set than in the past. Gone are the days of having to have a dedicated television cabinet in the foot of the bed. Instead, more ingenious storage methods can be found like the television frame, which looks as being a piece of art, but which lifts as much as reveal a television set inside. You can easily replicate this having a wall-mounted television and stretched canvas print. Another clever invention may be the bed frame with a concealed television within the foot board, which lifts on a motorized shelf. You might try fitting a faux fireplace surround having a television in the orifice a fire usually takes up. When the set isn’t being used it could play a DVD of a wide open fire.

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