Beautiful and Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your bedroom, it is very important that you give proper attention to its walls. In this article, we have shared with you some interesting ideas Read more at Buzzle:

Bedroom walls are not difficult to decorate. It can be fun to choose just the right décor and accessories with this, the most personal room in the home. Unlike more public rooms in the home, the bedroom should be uniquely yours. Create a restful and personal bedroom with the addition of paint, wallpaper, photos, shelves as well as your favorite personal items to the walls. Bedroom design and decorating lifts your spirits and makes your living space look more attractive to others. By placing a little time and creativity to operate, you can make your bedroom decoration actually fun to design. You’ll be surprised by how proud you’re of your new bedroom.

Here is really a list of ideas to decorate your bedroom walls:

Beautiful and Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Beautiful and Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Light up Your Walls

Lights are lovely because they generate that aura of positivity towards the room, and make it appear inviting. Also, lights can work like magic and add that cozy feeling. It all depends on how you use them, what lights you select, and where you choose to place them. Within the image to the left, you can see two lamps, one on both sides of the bed. While choosing the lampshade, go for one that complements the colour on the walls. This look is most effective if your bedroom has a theme wall, which is on this wall that you should put the lights. Use your creativity to include unique touches to the complete look. For example, the image on the right shows how ordinary lampshades are “transformed” with the creative use of some sheer orange fabric.

Dream in Drapes

If you have a window in your bedroom, then make sure you include this part of the wall inside your scheme of things. The image to the right shows a fascinating way in which you can use curtains in vibrant colors to highlight the window. This works best when the very wall which has the window, is your theme wall. The look to the left shows a bedroom seems to have been pulled straight from a fairy tale. So, just what makes it appear so dreamy? Yes, you’ve guessed it right! It is the drapes! What makes it even more interesting would be that the drapes are used here to produce a romantic canopy over the bed, rather than being hung on the sides of the window. So, if you wish to seem like a fairy princess once you step within your bedroom, you know what decor to choose, right? However, if a canopy bed isn’t your thing, just cut out beautiful shapes of valances from the fabric in soft pastel shades, and stick them on your wall just above the bed!


The wall behind the bed is usually the focal wall in almost any bedroom. If the bed doesn’t have a headboard, the wall will appear empty and bare, even though you decorate it. Therefore, the very best decoration for this wall would be to create a headboard for the bed. This can be done with a simple piece of plywood, some batting, fabric along with a staple gun. For directions regarding how to put a headboard together with these materials, begin to see the link in the Resource section. You may also create the illusion of a headboard by attaching window shutters to the wall. Lay one or both of them horizontally for a distinctive look.

Style it with Shelves

Among all the ideas that we’ve discussed to date, this is the one that caters to utility, together with serving the purpose of upping the visual appeal of the walls. The monotonous appearance of a blank wall can be improved considerably, simply by installing a few stylish shelves. The look to the left shows wall-mounted shelves, in the end can see a grid shelf in the other image. No matter which design you select, just make sure you stay away from the humdrum, and you’ll be successful in designing a brand new look for the walls of the room. Do not use the shelves to stack books and DVDs only. Instead, place interesting objects like a lovely photo frame or a flower vase with fresh flowers.

Beautiful Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Art on Display

If you’re a connoisseur of art, then why don’t you choose works by some of your favorite artists, to beautify your walls? This way, you can get an opportunity to flaunt your enviable collection, and also at the same time, give the walls the makeover they deserve! The look to the left shows two vibrant paintings, put up on a wall painted inside a light shade of orange. The light background makes the paintings stand out. Apart from the mere love of art, there can be other reasons to put up paintings. Just consider the other image, and you’ll observe that there are three paintings on the wall that depict different steps in the ballet dance form. So what can we conclude from the same? Well, the room belongs to someone who adores the sleek movements of ballet! Similarly, for those who have a passion for something, just give it a proud put on your bedroom walls through paintings.

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