Yoga Poses To Easily Reduce Belly Fat

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Yoga is an excellent way to discourage fat build up and help you lose weight. Here are 5 yoga postures to help reduce belly fat.

Yoga generally leads to the loss of weight through physical exercise and stimulation of the muscles. It also leads to increased flexibility and yoga tips to lessen belly fat are really popular among people. There are some poses which are particularly valuable in removing tummy fat or fat round the belly.

Some of these include the bridge pose, the locust pose and also the cobra pose. The exercises which concentrate on twists and have a higher proportion of elongation stretches are thought to be the most effective in eliminating belly fat.

Yoga Poses To Easily Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga Poses To Easily Reduce Belly Fat

Belly Fat

What’s generally known as “belly fat” is actually two types of fatty tissue: subcutaneous and visceral fat. Fat under the skin is the layer of fat directly beneath the skin, and is the type of fat that may be measured by a pair of calipers. Visceral fat surrounds your organs, and while it is not visible in the same manner subcutaneous fat is, it is much more dangerous to your health. An excessive amount of visceral fat produces hormones along with other substances that can raise your cholesterol level, damage your own body’s ability to use insulin, lift up your blood pressure and raise your estrogen levels. Too much visceral fat can result in heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer. Both types of fat are unhealthy, but could be reduced by an aggressive program of healthier eating choices, portion control and regular exercise.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is extremely helpful in burning the belly fat in addition to building the muscles of the abdomen. Lie flat on your back on your yoga mat. Bend your legs and keep your feet apart from one another. Your arms should be straight through the side of your body. Now raise your torso off the ground, leaving your head, arms and feet planted exactly where they are. Maintain the position for some seconds, before gradually decreasing the body back on the mat.

Strength Training

Strength training helps you to build muscle and the greater the muscle mass, the greater is the energy burned to maneuver these muscles. Thus, in the process of working these muscles, energy needs are withdrawn in the fat stores. As the stored fats are converted to energy, there is a reduction in the accumulated fats, thus assisting to lose stubborn belly fat in the process.

Locust Pose

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Lay down flat on your yoga mat, together with your face facing down. Extend your legs and arms as far wide as possible. Keeping both arms and legs absolutely straight, lift the top, arms, chest and legs all at the same time. Maintain this position for a few seconds before slowly lowering every part simultaneously.

Bow pose

Dhanurasana bow pose strengthens total abdominal organs. It Strengthens ankles, thighs, groins, chest and abdominal organs and spinal-cord. Helps to lose belly fat and lose weight.

Cobra Pose

Another great exercise for those levels of yoga, the cobra pose really strengthens and elongates the stomach. It can help keep your dorsal spine strong and versatile. This move is great for individuals with minor back aches and pains. It may also help in the reduction of belly fat.

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