Best Healthy Drinks for Fast Weight Loss

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A number of healthy drinks can help you lose weight. However, we tend to drink a lot of beverages that contain lots of sugar and calories that are not good for the body.

What’s the first thing you touch base for when hunger strikes? A packet of chips, a king-size burger or perhaps a plate of chaat from your favorite roadside stall? Not quite your best bet, you know. Chips before eating anything could cause acidity, burgers will just widen your hips with time and roadside chaat… do we really need to explain?

Here’s a list of the best healthy drinks for  losing weight:

 Green (Herbal) Tea:

There are many healthy tea options available. However, just a few of them can be made without using any sugar. The best teas that promote weight loss are tasty herb teas. These don’t require milk; all that you should do is drop the tea bag in boiling warm water for a couple of minutes and let it simmer. If you wish to drink it cold, give a few ice cubes. A green tea smoothie is another great weight loss option that has a lot of antioxidants which promote a healthy body.


Good old water is most likely the healthiest drink as water comprises 60% of the body’s content. Water can help you feel full, so it is always beneficial to have a glass by you by consuming dinner as drinking it can help you realise when you are full. Water also boosts your metabolism to assist with weight loss and the best thing is it contains zero calories.

Black coffee:

In moderation (maximum 3 to 4 cups daily), black coffee has been shown to have benefits for the health. It contains antioxidants which might help fight some forms of cancer, and has additionally been associated with reduced risk of diseases for example heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Caffeine can also be thought to stimulate the metabolism and increase fat burning capacity. On top of all this it is calorie free which makes it the perfect weight loss pick. Just remember to not keep it black or add merely a small amount of low fat milk and don’t add an excessive amount of sugar or a coffee can easily become a high calorie beverage.

Fruit (Vegetable) Juices:

While a juice is a great weight loss option, check the nutritional info on the label before drinking plenty of it every day. Most processed fruit drinks don’t use any natural fruit pulp. They’ve high amounts of sugar, that might render your diet useless. Natural fruit drinks are your best choice. Vegetable juice smoothies will also be a good option because they use less sugar for sweetening.


For any lovely, thick fruity treat in the morning combine a combination of your favorite fruits in a blender with a few skimmed milk (or even soya or coconut milk could be added). You get a good morning boost of ascorbic acid, but remember don’t add extra sugar or honey because this can add a lot of calories.

It’s also important to remember that a smoothie isn’t a drink to quench your thirst, and can be a meal in itself. When paired with a few slices of whole grain toast, a minimal fat smoothie makes an ideal breakfast option, that is perfect for those mornings you’re in a hurry as it can be easily transported. Add a tablespoon of bran flakes or oats for added fiber and B vitamins to supply even more nutrition.


Having skimmed or semi-skimmed milk together with your cereal or as a glass in the morning together with your breakfast will help the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates in the body. It’s also a good source of vitamin b2 (riboflavin) which is ideal for healthy skin, hair and nails.


Lemons are rich supply of vitamins and nutrients. Lemon juice in tepid to warm water kick starts your digestive system and clean out colon (part of digestive tract).

Mix fresh juice of the lemon in two quarts of filtered and chilled water. Know add half a teaspoon of ground cayenne to it. If you want it to be sweet adding half a teaspoon of maple syrup into it. Lemonade with maple syrup is a popular homemade weight loss drink. However, its usefulness is yet to be proved.

Diet soft drinks

Whilst swapping sugary varieties for diet versions may save money on calories, there is some debate whether this is beneficial for weight loss in the long term. Some research has found that when the body consumes something sweet tasting, it expects popular of sugar. This means whenever you don’t receive the sugar in your blood, out of the box the case with diet sodas and other products with sugar substitutes; you may start to crave more sweet foods. This can result in over consumption of other sweet foods and overall weight gain. If you’re drinking large amounts of soft drinks in each day however, it is probably beneficial to change to low calorie versions if you are not able to cut back significantly.

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