Best Diet Tips: Prepare Healthy Foods With Toddlers

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Is your toddler eating healthy? Read on to find about the healthy foods which you must include in your toddler's diet.

Toddlers are children from 1 to 6 years of age. This is the age, in which the child’s body, brain, internal systems and all around health is developing. For this crucial development, all of the basic nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water are essential in appropriate quantities. But babies and toddlers of this age are very notorious and are picky about their favorite foods, which not always be healthy for them. Therefore, it certainly is a challenge for parents to put together some healthy foods for toddler that provide not just nutrition but also help in creating a taste for these foods. However, you needn’t worry about the task, as there are many well balanced meals, which will do both the jobs at the same time and you won’t have a naughty toddler, but an obedient one.

Prepare Healthy Foods With Toddlers

Prepare Healthy Foods With Toddlers

Here are a few options of healthy food for toddlers:


Eggs are important toddler food as its high protein content and choline aids the development of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is in turn vital for the development of memory and muscle control. You can get eggs that are currently available fortified with omega 3 fatty acids which will help improving the brain and heart development. Eggs are extremely convenient to present in different forms whether it is boiled, poached, scrambled or pouring over some pureed veggies to alter the colour of the egg. Your child is sure not to get bored using the options you have.

Peanut Butter

Usually and fortunately this is a favourite with toddlers. It features a high protein content together with vitamin B, essential minerals like potassium and magnesium and fibers. Apart from offering peanut butter as a spoonful treat, you can use it on whole wheat bread and toppings on fruits like berries and bananas. Your toddler will love it for sure.


Most toddlers don’t like their morning bowl of cereals. Usually breakfast cereals are fortified with 10 or even more types of minerals and vitamins, while your child would ideally require around 3 grams of fibre and 8 grams of sugar. What exactly you can do is get a cereal using these fortification quantities, add some nuts, honey, slices of seasonal fruits and milk. This can add some calcium, protein and nutrients in his or her diet.

Finger Foods for Toddlers

Finger Foods for Toddlers


These are usually liked by toddlers as finger foods and therefore are highly nutritious. The fibre, iron and protein content will also be very high. They can be innovatively served each time like, in soups, curries, wheat spagetties, soft tacos or even as a pureed bean dip with herb seasonings.


You will find endless varieties of smoothies that you could offer to your toddler. When kids are fussy eaters, and simply never inside a mood for veggies or fruits, you may make a smoothie with those and offer them with some seasonal herb flavours or add honey and milk. Get them presented in a tall colourful glass having a nice looking straw and you will soon find that it has become a favourite with your toddler! Basically, it’s much more about getting the nutrition in the food right and presenting the food in an interesting manner. Like a toddler the kids are often more influenced as the way the food appears than the way it tastes. So a colourful and various presentation will arouse their interest and you’ll have an easier way out from worrying that the kid is not eating right. Even a slice of pizza could be turned healthy when you get it done on the whole wheat crust and top it with a few chicken or paneer or mushroom or pepper slices, but remember to place it on an absorbent paper to soak from the excess oil. And this also can’t be a regular food but a goody occasionally.

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