Ten easy ideas of Handmade Christmas cards

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Homemade Christmas card ideas are ones that you can make with supplies you may already have on hand.


Handmade Christmas cards

Handmade Christmas cards

Christmas is the most cherishing moment of the year when people make merry and fun. They congratulate each other on this occasion by exchanging gifts and cards. Christmas Greeting cards carry a design and a message which can be delivered to the recipient to convey your feelings with it. Market is flooded with variety of Christmas greeting cards to select from and it is always difficult to zero down on the perfect handmade Christmas card.

Handmade Christmas cards gives you an opportunity to be unique and special in terms of your effort, time and creativity you invest on making them. The recipient will definitely appreciate this fact that you have taken a special care to prepare this handmade Christmas greeting card to convey your feelings.

Some Handmade Christmas card ideas are worth discussing here:

Christmas circlet Card

With the help of red satin ribbon and shiny papers of different colors, you can create a unique handmade Christmas card by drawing two big circles on the white paper and pasting the punched shining papers on the outer circle while tying a bow with the red ribbon in the center of the card. Pen down your own thoughts & message on the card giving best of wishes to the recipient.

Christmas tree card

This is beautiful Christmas tree idea on the handmade Christmas card along with the shining stars and small circles on the Christmas tree. A red ribbon is tied at the left corner of the card with two knots on it to complement the design of this card.

Photo Christmas card

Select a photograph to be pasted on this handmade Christmas card. It could be of recipient or you both together or may be it could be from his or her childhood days. Decorate the remaining space using glitter and paints. Draw small white snowmen on it with a blue background. Glue the photograph on the card. Give this a frame finish and your handmade Christmas card is ready.

Christmas bow card

Paste a red square shape at the center of the card paper and tie a matching bow of checks to the top of the square. You handmade Christmas card is ready to be delivered with an eye catching message inside.

Snowflake Christmas card

Create this Christmas season greetings with unique snow designs on the 4-5 circlets of different sizes and paste them on a contrast colored card paper.

Blocks of printed paper Christmas card

Create blocks of the printed paper design while inking the edges of each block with the black ink and a message written in between the card.

Circular window card

Cut a circular window on the card and paste a greeting inside the circle with a message. Give a stripe design on the remaining portion of the card for the additional touch.

Ten easy ideas of Handmade Christmas cards

Ten easy ideas of Handmade Christmas cards

A Quick holiday card

A diamond-shape piece of patterned paper stamped with a short-and-sweet greeting and topped with a bow stands out on the vibrant background of this quick holiday card.

Paper tree card

Stich the paper tree on the card and decorate the card with the charms and stars along with a merry Christmas message shining at the top.

Punched window card

Punch a window on a holiday card with a message of merry christmas and blessings to the recipient

Easy Christmas card

Punch a Christmas tree on the white cardstock which is matted with black cardstock and mount it on the patterned paper to create this handmade Christmas card.

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