Easter Gift Baskets Ideas For Your Kids 2015

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The festival of Easter has been an all-time favorite with kids. In the following article, we have listed excellent Easter basket ideas for kids.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter has been one of the most special holidays in my family. Besides it being part of our religion, Easter has always been a time for family gatherings and gift giving. Easter eggs and candies are not the only items that are present in an Easter basket for kids. Departing from the traditional Easter gifts, why not choose something different and unique as your Easter basket filler. Shopping for Easter gifts need not be expensive when you can make your own Easter basket gifts at home. The website collectiblesxgifts.com has offered ten great Easter basket gift ideas for children. Apart from the traditional Easter eggs, opt for vegan eggs such as bubble gum eggs or plastic eggs filled with toy or treat. In addition to the traditional chocolate bunny, consider tucking goodies in bunny shaped bags. For an Easter basket gift idea of a different kind for kids. In the following article, we have shared some Easter gift baskets ideas for kids.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas For Kids:

Easter Egg Basket

The best gift is the Easter egg. It is a symbol of new life which indirectly refers to the resurrection of Christ. You can either make the eggs on your own, or buy them from the market. Though the chocolate ones are everyone’s favorite of most people, they are available in various other flavors. You can even give different patterns and designs to the eggs.

Gardening Gifts

Easter, with its connotation of rebirth and new life, calls to mind springtime and all that comes with it. Gardening gifts for children are relative to Easter and kids will appreciate them as well. Children enjoy digging in the dirt, and giving them flowers or vegetables to tend will foster an appreciation for plants and other living things. Give a watering can, a packet of seeds and child-sized gardening tools in lieu of candy.

Easter Basket Treats

Just because the drug stores are hawking dozens of types of Easter candy doesn’t mean you have to fill your toddler with lots of processed sugar. You can fill a small basket with toddler-safe treats, such as Cheerios, animal crackers and small toys. Some examples of small toys include toy cars, crayons, stickers and Play-Doh. If a little sugar on Easter doesn’t bother you, mini M&Ms are perfect sweet treats for toddler Easter baskets.

Easter Basket Treats

Easter Basket Treats


Fill out your budding reader’s library with a series of Easter-themed board books that he can flip through. Take time on Easter morning to sit with your child and read through the new books. At this age, toddlers want quality time with their loved ones more they want any items you can buy in a store. Reading new books are a great way to spend that time while fostering a love for reading.

Easter Stickers

Then add packages of small Easter themed stickers towards the basket. Your child will love accenting their artwork with these fun shaped stickers. You may also have your child make Easter cards for family and friends and decorate them with the stickers.

Stuffed Animals

This Easter, gift your child with a cuddly friend like a plush bunny, traditional teddy, or maybe something completely out of the box like a monkey.

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