Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas

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Homemade Valentine's Day cards do not need to be plain and boring. By adding textures, cutouts or a handwritten comic, you can create an individualized and visually interesting card that tops any store-bought card.

Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas

Homemade Valentines Day Card

Cultures around the world have celebrated Valentine’s Day since the Middle Ages. Today, people send nearly a billion Valentine’s Day cards each year. Ready-made cards are available, but with a little creativity and time it is very easy to make meaningful cards at home. With construction paper, markers, candy and computer clip art, anyone can make creative valentines for their lovers and friends.

Take some time, and sprinkling of your love and produce Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas for your special someone. It’ll be evident just how much you love them, when they open a card made by your own fair hands. If you’re trying to win over your crush, and want to send a secret admirer card – after all, it’s what Valentine’s Day is all about – then send them a homemade Valentines’ Day card that displays just how much you care. They won’t be able to say no, when they find out who crafted their Valentine’s Day card, so lovingly and with such talent too.

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards do not need to be plain and boring. By adding textures, cutouts or a handwritten comic, you can create an individualized and visually interesting card that tops any store-bought card. Valentine’s Day celebrates how we feel about the people in our lives, and creating any of these cards will express those feelings in a personal way. Handmade valentines come right from the heart.


Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas can be success by using texture step. Create a Valentine’s Day card using layers of different textures added to the front of folded card stock. Use cut pieces of fabric, textured papers, foil, wrapping paper, thin pieces of bark, dried flower petals or leaves. Glue the pieces on top of each other at different angles so parts of each layer show. Top it off with a cut-out paper heart. Use corrugated paper or make your own with a craft hand corrugator. Cut a piece to put on the front of folded craft paper or card stock. Add cut-out hearts of different sizes and textures, fabric, paper doily hearts and thin satin ribbon to add more texture and visual appeal.

Window Cutouts

Use card stock folded in half. Cut out a heart shape on the front of the card that makes an open heart window. Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the card front and a piece of clear cellophane big enough to cover the heart cut out. Attach it to the back of the cut-out opening. Attach the white backing, leaving the top open like an envelope. Fill it with sequins, tiny hearts, glitter or tiny sequin hearts. Seal the top opening. The card now has a filled clear window scene with moving parts like a snow globe that shakes. Add a piece of lace or valentine fabric to the cut out heart by gluing it on the back of the opening. Frame the front of the card, around the heart cut out with sewing bric-a-brac trim, sequins, tiny hearts, lace trim or ribbons to give the cut-out, fabric-filled heart a finished look. Instead of fabric, put a photograph behind the opening, making a frame for the photo with the cut-out heart to personalize the valentine.

Comic Strip Valentines

Create a comic on the front of the Valentine’s Day card. Make sections on the front using a pen or marker and a ruler to make the comic strip panels, or cut out separate panels to glue to the front after the comic is done. The second option will give the card more texture and allow you to add fabric or paper behind each comic panel to frame them. Not everyone is a great artist, and there are other options to use for illustrating a comic strip valentine card. Glue cut-out photographs from magazines or from personal photos. Stickers are another choice to illustrate the comic-strip valentine. Craft stores, card stores and stationery stores carry a large selection of stickers in different themes and subjects. Add the cartoon dialogue bubbles to any of the styles of comics and write your own comic-strip dialogue.

Lollipop Flower Cards

This is a fun family project, and in less than an hour your kids will have unique valentines to trade with their school friends. All you need are inexpensive lollipops, red and green construction paper, scissors and a glue stick. Cut out heart shapes from the red construction paper, making them slightly larger than the lollipops. Then glue a lollipop to the middle of the heart. Fold the green paper in half and cut out a leaf design, then unfold the leaf and glue it to the lollipop stick. This would be a good one to make with your kids for them to hand out at school. It would also be a great choice to make with your kids to give to your spouse. If you don’t want to use suckers, think of other poses to hold different types of candy.

Crayon Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas

Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas

These crayon heart cards are perfect for kids to distribute to their classmates or for teachers to distribute to their students. If you have friends or family members who are crafty, this is a perfect option for them, too. This blog post has a template for the card with just the heart prints and not the crayon as well. Check out the link below for a heart shaped pan. If you need more assistance with your crayon making, check out this tutorial.

Valentine’s Day Sign Card

This is another fun card to make with your kids or another willing party. There are not step by step instructions for this project, but it is fairly self-explanatory. You can customize the size, colors, and embellishments any way you like. You can also decide whether you want to make it serious or silly. This card makes a beautiful wall or fridge hanging when the holiday is over. Consider putting it up on a bulletin board at home or work where you’ll see it and smile every day.

Love Notes

Love Notes are great Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas. It is easy to create pretty little valentines using construction paper or card stock and markers or crayons. Simply cut heart shapes out of red or pink paper. The valentines can be simple, or they can be more elaborate. Layering the paper creates a more three-dimensional look. Use lace, stickers, and stamps to embellish the cards. Then write a love poem or sweet note in the middle of the heart and fold it for presentation.

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